ways to stop doomsday

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not kill defeat

and who has defeated doomsday

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isn't killing considered deafeating?

anyway these are the instances i remember Doomsday being defeated

1. Radiant- defeated Doomsday in Calaton (before Doomsday arrived on earth)

2. Superman- stopped doomsday while dying in the process

defeated doomsday in Hunter/ Prey with some sort of Kryptonian military suit

defeated Doomsday when he was possesed by Brainiac( dont remember the exact circumstances)

defeated Doomsday with the help of Kal L in the battle of metropolis during Infinite Crisis

3.Imperiex Prime- Stripped Doomsday down to a skeleton with a flick of his fingers during Our Worlds at War

4.John Henry Irons with the Entropy Aegis- turned Doomsday into dust( although i m not sure if it was the real Doomsday or a clone)

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@ironboya: I read that Doomsday will come back to life even if he IS killed and not only will he get stronger when he does, he'll be immune to dying the same way! However, if he goes long enough without being killed in that particular way, he MIGHT become vulnerable to it again simply because his body is no longer prepared for it! Also, since Doomsday is such a mindless brute, one would think it would be easy enough to outsmart him! I think the only reason he beat Superman was because Supes was unprepared and knew next to NOTHING about Doomsday so he was sort of "fighting blind" at the time. This gave Doomsday the edge and aloowed him to get the upper hand! So what happens when Superman gets everything he needs?

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teleport him to the future when time ends

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infonation that is only if you kill him not when you trap him

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