Watching Superman vs the elite, the first time around was anyone.

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Was anyone else surprised at the end fight of the movie?(Question not really for those, if you read the comic) Where Superman went ape, and pretty much destroyed the elite? At first being that I didn't know it was a trick I was like O_O "WHOA! NO WAY! Superman snapped!" I was actually surprised, because before all I saw was Superman just laying the smack down on villains never killing it was a big surprise to me until it showed that it was just a trick. 
But then it also got me thinking, that if Superman really did become that all hell would break lose. 
Kinda off topic: Movie was awesome though all around, loved it.

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It was a good film, and while the art was a little undesirable at parts, it paid good respects to the comic.

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Brilliant film. Absolutely loved it. My favourite of the DCAO movies. Art could have been better but overall it was a fantastic adaption of one of my favourite Superman stories

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Was also dark, at least for a Superman movie.

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I had already read the comic when I saw the film, but my girlfriend was legitimately worried and a little scared during that scene. I don't think I could have been happier with the movie. Very, very enjoyable.

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Also found it funny that Manchester, turned into a hypocrite at that fight.

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I had the same initial reaction.

But yeah, honestly, this movie was what made me take more interest in Superman. I had only read Superman before in crossovers, events, and JLA comics, so I had limited knowledge on really who the character was. But after watching this movie and loving it, I got the comic it was based on, watched all of the Superman movies, and am planning on reading more Superman comics. I now like and more importantly appreciate Superman.

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I loved it.

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