Victims of Superdoom in AC #9

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If you recall Superdoom killed a few supermen in AC 9, one called Omptiman and a Chibi Superman

The chibi-verse is easy

Trying to figure out who the others were. I looked for an Optiman, Iron Knight, Red Racer, & Flashlight and these are what I found. Not sure if I'd consider Red Racer a Flash rip-off not Nor "number 4" a Green Lantern Rip-off like I thought.

Iron Knight?
Red Racer?
Flash Light?

Could these just be random names DC threw out or were they referencing other characters, both indie and from other companies?

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It would be funny if DC where referring to real characters

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Pretty sure theyre just random names morrison made up

Who theyre referencing is obvious as well (optiman/superman, iron knight/iron man and batman, red racer/flash, flashlight/green lantern)

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