This was a Exaggerated or true?

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i found a new BA superman strength level

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What part do you consider to be an exaggeration?

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scan say,superman support heavy mass galaxies,i know,the SA superman can do anything,he can do this feat,but,just in this scan,i don't belive this was really mass galaxies heavy,in the next page,the infinity man easily overpower this red guy,and he take down a star systems

The last scan, they fight, force destroys an island

a guy can take down a star systems and overpower mass heavy galaxies in Literally,but Destruction of the entire background feats just destroy a island

so,i think this was a

Exaggerated in this scan

by the way,i belive SA superman can do this feat,just Don't believe the scanning

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I found an interesting thing, writing this story is Jack Kirby

He always loved exaggerated charater power level, yes, I know SA Superman can do anything, but, his writing is bad

like this:

if this was really 100 galaxies,

Why the earth itself still exists?

because This is an exaggeration by Jack Kirby(i think SA superman can take down this,but not this scan,too bad scan)

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