This is the real Origin Story of Superman.

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Superman was originally conceived as a newspaper comic strip, which was cut up and rearranged to form the main story of Action Comics #1. After a little over six months in comic books, Superman finally made it to his intended destination. Given a second chance to introduce the character, Siegel and Shuster apparently decided to linger on the character's origin a little longer.

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To be clear, for those who don't know, those are not the original strips that were used to create AC 1. These were supposedly created after DC hired the authors and bought Superman. The original content from pre-1938 was allegedly either destroyed or put into AC 1, while story elements were allegedly used in later works. These comics (12 in total for the first 2 weeks of that series) were awarded to the families, but are being contested by DC.


Nice find!

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Very interesting.

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Cool, nice find!

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@sora_thekey said:

Very interesting.

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''Early, Clark decided he must use his titanic strength to wear his undergarments on the outside... And so was created.. Superman!''

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I cannot view...for I have no facebook. Can someone repost the images?

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