Third Kryptonian? Spoilers?

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Okay so the current story is finally going to reveal who the third Kryptonian is. The alien Auctioneer dude detected 3 of them on Earth. Kal-El and Kara were two. After using his equipment (no, not that one) Superman figured that Power Girl didn't count or register as a Kryptonian since she was from another dimension. Krypto was also counted out since he was out roaming in space for a year.

At the end of Superman #668, there's a person out in a field and the mailbox says "K. Wells." Now my old time DC knowledge isn't super but wasn't there a Superwoman in the early 80s whose name was Kristin Wells? Does this mean "Superwoman" is going to be re-introduced for the first time? Also, DC has the shown most of the cover to issue 669 (out in two weeks):

Look like a female to me. Although, what is she wearing? Superboy's old leather jacket?

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It does look like it would be a female in Superboy's old uniform.

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The aliens mention five Kryptonians in 668; a man (Clark), a boy (Christopher), a young woman (Power Girl) and a girl (Kara) and at least one other whom the man seeks now. The picture at the end of K Wells looked like a man to me, but he/she was wearing a baggy shirt from behind probably just to confuse.

This is the cover to #670, just to keep us guessing (DV are tight lipped these days).

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Batman told Supes that the teenagers that went on a rampage were high on something Kryptonian. Maybe the guy at the end found K. Wells (still think it's Kristin or else DC is really trying to fool us) and maybe he's holding her captive. Doing a "Mutant Growth Hormone" thing and using her DNA mixed into drugs to sell.

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I thought the person at the end was a dude but then I read something about a female (think it was in the blurb for the next issue) and saw the picture. I was hoping it was Conner (I don't know how) but it's not. I don't know why, since I'm not really a Superfan), but I'm anxious to find out who it is.
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You could be right. It's not very Kryptonian to become a drug baron and it would explain why she has such a low profile. But the person at the end is wearing red and blue, so it may well be our missing Kryptonian.

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Do you think its a new character or someone who has already been revealed?

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From what I've read of Kristin Wells, she's from the future and a descendant of Jimmy's. She doesn't have powers just future tech.

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My guess is some sort of genetic resequencing or other type of science thing. I don't believe in a REAL 3rd Kryptonian.

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oh god...

if this is going to be another "Supergirl" to add to my list i'll scream...


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