The original plot for superman 3

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I really enjoyed the first two films and when I heard there was a third I jumped at the chance and boy was I disappointed with it! The movie made no sense, wasted a lot of opportunities and was all over the place with a villain who was so lame and boring to watch who just took up way too much screen time. What's more disappointing is that this wasn't the original script for that movie. The original script and plot would involve supergirl landing on earth after Argo city which was thrown into orbit was destroyed( mind you it was still the silver age) and superman finding out he's not the last of his kind. They would both get involved in a physical relationship( yes you read that right) while he shows her earth and how to use her powers. Brainiac was going to be the main villain for this movie and he'd be the one responsible for the destruction of Argo city and using supergirl as a test subject while having an obsession with her( creepy). The bottle city of kandor would be included along with the plan of adding metropolis to his collection. Mr myxysptlk would show up at certain points of the film and cause havoc( probably the result from messing with the timeline in the first and in the donner cut). The reason they didn't go with this idea is not because of budget or because of DC comics, it was because the executives didn't like it and wanted the whole thing changed. Had they removed the supergirl and superman relationship cause lets face it they're cousins for crying out loud along with a few other things it would have been awesome. Unfortunately we ended up with that slapfest and an unmemorable spin off. If you see the animated movie superman unbound or the superman brainiac graphic novel do yourself a favor and buy it since it might be the closest we have to that film.

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That actually sounds a lot better than a computer going beserk. The love interest does sound creepy, given that they are cousins an all. But on the whole, I wish they would have gone with this. Maybe having Mr myxysptlk is abit too much, sounds like they had a lot going on otherwise. Sounds like they were going to lead in the supergirl spin off film with. Could have been a pre avengers type film saga going on right here.

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Brainiac is on the top of my list of villians that deserve to appear in atleast one live action Superman movie. He'd make a good candiate for a villian for one of the sequels to Man of Steel, that is if the movie does well enogh to generate a few sequels.

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