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Thanks to

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Man, that was definitely worth the damn wait.

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Loading Video...

I cried... This is gonna be amazing :')

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I havent watched it ..should i ..or should i just wait

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omfg omfg omfg omfg i dont think there is even a word that describes how the trailer is!!!

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Get the f*ck in here!

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ok this looks amazing

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I just watched it ... and im speechless..Im at work and i teared up...(like a man of course) my boss asked me if i was ok

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"What was I suppose to do? Let them die?"

"I dont know, maybe."

F#@$ing brilliant.

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I don't go fanboy very often but today is just one of the exceptions.

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@Glitch_Spawn: Agreed. There's nothing today that can happen to top this trailer. We won!

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@Gambit1024: Can't say enough about the reveal.

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Haha. I love all your reactions. Needless to say I'm frickin excited too. Looks super!

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WOW, that was so awesome! I'm on such a Superman high right now.

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The trailer was cool.

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