Tell me why Superman: Secret Origin is good?

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Hello all. Recently, I finished Superman: Secret Origin by Geoff Johns, Gary Frank, and Jon Sibal, with an introduction by David S. Goyer, and I thought it was good.

However, since I've just finished reading it, I think I need other people's opinions on it to help shape my own before they solidify and to help them solidify.

I'd prefer if it was as analytical and break downish as Superhero Rewind is on youtube, because I like the way the Captain breaks it down and gets under the hood of why something works, why it doesn't, why it CAN and SHOULD work, but what mistakes keep it from reaching that potential.

So, without further adieu, can someone tell me why Superman: Secret Origin is good?

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are you kidding art is 50% if not more of the comic book.

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Its a fun story if you like the Donner films and a little bit of silver age corniness. The art is fantastic but i dont like metallo's costume of Parasites origin. Superman:SEO doesnt match up to the John bryne origin(which is by far the best Superman origin story). But, i did enjoy it better than Birthright(which i found a bit boring and uninteresting).

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