Supermen of America Decoder Dial

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Recently I got a copy of Superman #133 ("Superman Joins the Army") off ebay, and in it there's a secret message for members of the Supermen of America fan club. I sort of made a mental note to maybe try and figure out how to decode it sometime later. That's when I remembered about my issue of Supermen of America #1 from back in March of  '99. It came with a Supermen of America membership kit and a decoder dial for secret messages. I figured that despite the fact these two issue have 40 years between them, that maybe the decoder dial from '99 would work for a secret message from '59. Well, I tried it out today and it didn't seem to work. Does anybody know if the '99 decoder dial is really the same as the classic one? If it is, what am I doing wrong? And, if it isn't, does anyone know where or how I can find the classis one? Thanks.

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I don't own either Superman #133 or Supermen of America #1 anymore, but I'm still disappointed that no one could ever answer this one. I still have no clue and I've had many old issues of Superman pass through my fingers. I wonder where all these vintage decoders went to? Somebody has to have one in an attic somewhere...

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