Superman's Powers List

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I Know They State The 3 Ages Of Supermans Powers, But I Was Wondering What All His Powers Are/ Have Been.
 This Includes Being Able To Drink A Whole Lake, And Blow A Tornado Kinda Powers.
I'll Start The List With Whats On His Page.
*Super Strength 
*Super Speed
*Super Breath
*X–Ray Vision 
*Super Hearing
*Accelerated Healing
*Heat Vision
*Mental Powers (learning  languages quickly)
*Ice Breath
*Super Hypnotism (apparently to hypnotize himself into not having powers, and keep his identity secret)
*Super Ventriloquism
*Microscopic Vision
*Telescopic vision
*Energy Absorbing (yellow sun)

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ther was one silver age story where he made a mini clone of himself but that was a one time deal as far as i know
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In the 50's, he was able to shape shift his face so he looked like anyone he wanted to. 
Also, his cape was indestructable.
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@joshmightbe said:
"ther was one silver age story where he made a mini clone of himself but that was a one time deal as far as i know "

Haha!  Really?  Thats quality.  Funny, but quality. 
As brilliant as Superman is, over the years he has suffered from many inconsistencies.
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At one point Superman could fire smaller Supermen from his fingers.

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there was that one story where he gave Pa kryptonian powers by shooting him with his blue sun upgraded powers

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i wonder if he super poos!
imagine them flying at you!!

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superman has had some rediculous powers in the past

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Oh lord,  the rainbow rays from his finger tips...
BTW Anyone got that scan?

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Throwing A Holographic S

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@dementedtheclown said:
"Throwing A Holographic S

Hahaha!  Genius!
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@Gambler said:
" At one point Superman could fire smaller Supermen from his fingers. "
Oh god, don't remind me
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Super Rebuild The Great Wall Of China 

  Super Caller I.D.
Super  Hypnotism In Action.... Yea Take It Off.......
Jedi Mind Trick

Super Swimming
  Super Magnetic Touch

Super Playing Dead, And Shape Shifting

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Super Etching And Antiquing

Super Chowing Down

Super Kiss (memory erasing in some movies)

Super Mathematics

Super Projection TV

Super Weaving


Super Sneeze

Super Landscaping
Super Friction

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super weaving lol 

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Modern Day Superman only has the following powers:
Super Strength
Super Speed
Incredible Durability
Super senses such as super hearing
Super lung capacity
Super strong breath
freezing breath
Telescope vision
microscope vision
ability to see whole electromagnetic spectrum, most prominently uses x-ray vision though
heat vision 
Super intelligence
ability to absorb solar radiation

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@Gambler said:
" At one point Superman could fire smaller Supermen from his fingers. "
have you seen that in the All-Star Superman? because i understand it looked like that, but it wasn't that he was doing
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For the most part Golden Age Superman's powers were as follows:
Super Strength
Super durability
Super speed
able to jump really high, over tall buildings
Although it's not very well known, in the early 1940s, he actually also had telescope vision, microscope vision, and x-ray vision. In the late Golden Age, his x-ray vision could become heat vision when he used it at full power, and his leaps would go over planets.

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I have a question about superman. Did not want to start a new thread.
Superman DOES NOT have superhuman agility right? I mean he moves real fast but he does not have the balance control and coordination of an olympic gymnast or acrobat.... like Batman or Black Canary correct?

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super voice able to destroy mountains

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super voice able to destroy mountains. 
could go throught time. 
mind control 
shape shifting powers

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superman is not to be compared with a DBZ character. While he is physically strong and can fly at light speed he can't fight that fast. He fights at the speed of a normal human. In dbz while strength and speed are factors the most important one is ki the level of energy you have inside you. I've seen superman do a heat vision blast that exhausted him and it wasn't even powerful it was a teen goku level attack. Superman can fly fast but he can't fight fast. He cant zip around a city and block and dodge light speed punches and kicks he's not even close to that. superman gets stomped on by nappa. I say his dbz power level is AT MOST 600.

And he's not even that durable. All he does is punch and fly. He doesn't shoot eye beams half of his fights like dbz characters. If supes were to constantly shoot heat beams he'd be worn out in 5 minutes and have to fly back up to the sun for energy that's not even his. Supes didn't train at all he gets his power from the sun. He doesn't know how to fight either, he is a excellent street fighter but he doesn't know any martial arts. Give batman super strength speed and durability and he can beat superman while he has the flu and sleep at the same time.

While supes has the strength and speed of freiza his energy level is far less. Freizas energy level is 120,000,000 and if you line up ten planets he cans destroy the all one after another without fatigue. That weak heat vision strike that had superman worn out couldn't even destroy a mountain. But in dragon ball z a powerleved 4,000 nappa destroyed a city and it wasn't even his strongest blast

So here's it matches up

Supes is not that durable compared to dbz because he can't go 3 minutes without tiring himself out through heat vision(his form of ki blast) and him and doomsday maybe hit each other a good 75 times (could be a little less could be a little more) and he was tired and had to resort to a planetary power bomb. While in dbz they fight for hours on in and continuously shoot ki and there fight speed allows them to get punches off about 700 times a minute and that's with the talking they do in between sequences.

Superman is as strong and fast as someone with a power level of 120,000,000 but he can't create a blast with enough power to obliterate a mountain. Something someone with a powerlevel of 1,000 can do and I doubt he can keep getting up from more than 3 city destroying blast something freiza

can keep up for days. So a good match for superman would be recoome and I say him because superman is far stronger and far faster but recoome has a ki level of 42,000 and that's a planet busting threat and recoome can fight just as fast as he can fly so I would like to see if recoome can blast supes to death before supes punches his lights out. Supes is MAYBE good enough to join the ginyu force I don't know why he has been compared to goku,vegeta,freiza,ect

And if you wanna say superman prime million ill through broly on him and it will be the something I said above except supes energy will match his speed and strength. And he still can't fight fast and he still doesn't know any martial arts.

I don't know why all these fanboys are always in their feeling about superman

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"Supes is not that durable compared to dbz because he can't go 3 minutes without tiring himself" are you talking about the guy who felt a rock being thrown at his head? who screamed in pain from lava, and who was afraid of being impaled by a pointy stalactite? And is afraid of hospital needles which can in fact penetrate his skin....? pretty sure in the movie chopsticks were used as an effective weapon against these "durable" characters.

These people are hardly durable they are only durable when the time calls for it, I feel ashamed for even feeding the troll but all of that had to be pointed out.

Good bye forever from this thread

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He can emit different radiations trough his eyes, x-ray, microwaves,heat etc he can see in the infrared spectrum and many others. Basically his eyes are all I need to co duct any kind of research and experiments :P

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@w0nd: firstly if your going to quote me say the whole thing. Secondly all that stuff they do in dbz is for comedic reasons. And I don't know what you are talking about for the chopstick thing but that can only happen if the users power is far greater than the one being hit

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I am not going to quote your whole statement if my ONLY arguement was about durability some stuff I agreed with, some I did not but now after re reading what you said again I will comment on the other stuff as well.

"And I don't know what you are talking about for the chopstick thing but that can only happen if the users power is far greater than the one being hit"

So what are you saying, if the person is stronger then you it should hurt you? so if someone is weilding a pillow they should be able to harm you with it or a feather, simply because they are physically stronger? This is about durablity by the way, opponent being stronger or not, they shouldnt be able to pierce skin with it,

The chopsticks it was a scene in battle of the gods, not only does he catch a punch with them but he uses them to stun as well...i dont care how strong the person weilding them is..if they are "durable" the chop sticks would beak against their skin...just like if they were durable they wouldnt be worried about being shoved into pointy rocks. A pointy rock isn't for comedy, he actually panicked and felt it was a threat.


Once again if they were "durable" or hand supermans level of invulnerablity the rock would have broke against his skin without a problem...he was clearly worried about being impaled.

And yes superman does exhaust himself when he uses heat vision sometimes you are 100% correct on that...just like the dbz characters exhaust themselves using blasts at times. Hell even a person like buu who was considered an amazing threat even in fat form, tried to shoot a blast and a a puff of smoke came out instead because of energy being depleted, and that was someone who gohan said felt like he dipped into an unlimited source of power, so I have no idea why you are talking about running out of energy when in the majority of episodes of dbz they go on about how "their energy is dropping fast"

There are times when he has used heat vision in wide blasts and was perfectly fine after not exhausted at all..JUST like in dbz, and other times after he does it he is exhausted, JUST like dbz, he doesn't have to fly to the sun and back just to recharge by the way, all he has to do is step into it. A de power superboy prime wasn't a threat but as soon as the sun hit the horizon he was charged and the others were effed...JUST like in dbz where they have to stand there and power up, except unlike in the show you dont have to sit there and watch them do it while talking for 5 damn minutes.

"He doesn't know how to fight either, he is a excellent street fighter but he doesn't know any martial arts."

he has trained in Torquasm-Rao and Torquasm-Vo...As well as what ever batman has taught him and the other martial artists on the leauge, they all have training sessions and he has admitted to being trained. Yes they will be better than him in their respected areas since they were the ones training him, but saying he has none is just showing you don't have the knowledge of superman to make arguments like that.

If you are going to start spitting facts about characters you clearly find inferior at least make sure they are right.

Some of your arguments as to why superman sucks can be applied to the dbz characters as well, that for some reason you ignored. I am fine with debates, but when you ignore the flaws of the character you are representing, and it's a flaw they BOTH share then it's ridiculous.

clearly you just like superman so you decided to come and talk about dbz for no reason at all.

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@w0nd: I do like superman and this is not a superman diss. This thread is about his powers right? And when most people compare superman it is usually to goku. The whole point of what I said was to show that superman doesn't have what is required to be compared with freiza or beyond something most people do, some even think he beats ssj3. And for the energy, both superman and who ever runs out of energy but dbz fights for hours while using energy in everything they do like from the time super buu stepped into the hyperbolic time chamber till when kid buu was killed that had to be atleast 8 hours and buu took a one hour break and then a 1 minute break. superman doesn't have the energy (powerlevel) to do what needs to be done and since you just informed me about superman learning to fight he must of forgot fast because he still doesn't show any martial arts. Plus bills is like 15,000 times powerful than piccolo and he was most likely putting his energy through the chop sticks the same way goku put energy around his finger and blocked trunks sword. so lets say for example if a regular man hit supes with a chair supes wouldn't feel it but if darkside did it it would be like a punch from darkside and darkside is no where near 15,000 times more power than superman hell I don't even think his stronger than superman and for the pillow thing of course it will hurt more. I know you got hit with a pillow at some point in your life that was harder than it should have been and a pillows material isn't hard so that can't even be compared, now if your mother hit you with a bat and then your father .... Well I think you get it

But you are right I should of looked over what I said

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@thess2greenlanturnarmy: yes i figured it was about listing superman's list of powers, not why he sucks compared to goku but apparently I was wrong.....whats next on the list, going to the Reed Richards page about how far he can stretch and listing the reasons why Luffy from one piece would beat him?

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((I know this is an old thread but oh well.

Actually, there were quite a bit of comics where Superman lost his powers and was trained how to fight By Batman and Green Arrow, He knows many fighting styles from when he was "Human" and actually he is able to move his his arms and legs as fast as DBZ characters, if not faster, plus it also says that when the DBZ characters fight, their movements aren't at light speed, they make sonic booms which means their attacks are no faster then the speed of sound. which Superman' speed is actually a little faster, and he can move his arms just as fast as his feet/legs. They each have things they exceed in, but Superman can tangle with the best, All I need to say for this is he's beat doomsday on multiple occasions and Doomsday cannot be killed the same way more then once, and he always comes back stronger, kinda like a saiyan, but Superman never gives up until he wins.
But Superman and Goku would never fight, because they'd be too nice to each other, unless they were seen as a threat to earth. and if anything they'd team up.

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Did this thread really... oh come on guys.

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I read somewhere that he also remembers everything he has even seen or heard. Even when be was a kid

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Yes, He can :)

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Rainbow Fingers

Super Cigar Smoking

Duplicating himself

Time travel

Super kissing

(In the Christopher Reeve films he has some really weird powers)

Super Ventriloquism

Shooting super midgets from his hands

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@cairov: These are some of the beautiful images I have ever seen

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Has anyone mentioned Shape-shifting?

#38 Posted by CairoV (260 posts) - - Show Bio

@squalleon: The OP mentioned Shape-shifting on his second post I think.

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did he puff up like a balloon or was that namor?

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i wonder if he super poos!

imagine them flying at you!!

that would be creepy and gross

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