superman's heat vision?

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better described as "pyrotechnic" or "heat control" than as "blast power," no? its not really like cyclop's or iron man's.

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Just add a new power. The form gives you the ability to. Just click "not listed here"

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well we don't really want redundancies either do we? if "blast power" is the general consensus i guess i'll just leave it at that, i was just suggesting a more precise distinction.

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I agree that it is more of a "heat vision" thing. But then how many other characters (besides Supergirl or Superboy...and Krypto) have it. If we kept it as blast power, it could always be elaborated on in the text part of Powers. We can see how others feel about this.

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It's probably best not to add too many powers, otherwise the rankings become meaningless if there are only 2 people with that power.

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That's pretty much my thought but if people feel strongly enough...

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right, i agree completely. thats why i suggested "pyrotechnic," since its already a power (i'm not proposing creating a NEW one just for superman). someone also had already suggested that "pyrotechnic" be changed to "heat control" in order to be in the same vein as "ice control," which superman has. i think "heat control" would be a good fit, and should have an ample group of characters already (pyro, human torch, etc).
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But Superman can't control fire or ice, he can simple blast people with either heat or cold, which fits better with Blast Power. The actual type of blast is mostly irrelevant for ranking purposes, that can be explained in the actual description of the hero.

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lets face it, if supers wasnt so completely over the top when it comes to powers the world would be a better place

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valinorbob says:

"But Superman can't control fire or ice, he can simple blast people with either heat or cold, which fits better with Blast Power."

then there shouldn't be both "blast power" and "ice control" on his list. i just don't think the term "blast" is good fit for superman, because there is no concussive force involved in his heat vision. if cyclops shot a pile of bricks with his blast, they would be broken and tossed all over, while a shot of superman's heat vision to even a house of cards would not knock it over, but simply raise the surface temperature of the paper until a fire started. my original qualm was with this distinction, if you can think of a cleaner description of his breath than minor "ice control," im open to it.

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All powers akin to this should be under a header called Energy Projection, with all the types of energy listed below it, like Heat Projection, Cold Projection, Electricity Projection, and even would cover things like Sound Wave Projection for characters like Banshee or The Black Canary.

It'd look something like this:

Energy Projection

  • Heat Projection

  • Cold Projection

  • Electricity Projection

  • Sound Wave Projection

Including any other energy projection powers there are, like Kinetic, Cosmic, Magical, etc.

This way for the battles you can have a plain ole 'Energy Projection' battle with all the characters and their different energies they project, and then you could have more specific battles if wanted.

This would also allow one category to apply to more characters, for instance I noticed somebody added the power Sonic Scream to apply to Black Canari, Banshee, Black Bolt, etc. But with this you would have to add another category to account for Klaw's sound wave manipulations, and another for the Hulks hand clap attack, whereas all of thse fit under Sound Wave Projection.

This also applies to characters like The Human Torch and Superman. Torch throws fireballs, and Superman beams heat from his eyes, both fit under Heat Projection.

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I think "Heat Vision" and "Wind Bursts" are the best to describe Superman's heat vision and arctic breath.

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Why have duplicate 'powers' when you don't have to, projecting heat is projecting heat no matter where it comes from, from Superman's heat vision, Saurans fire breath, and the Super Skrulls fireballs.

Also, Supermans hyper-breath accounts for two powers, Wind Generation and Cold Projection, they are two differnet things.

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