Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Metallo Clip

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Warner Bros. was kind enough to share a clip for the upcoming Superman/Batman: Public Enemies animated movie.  The clip features Superman confronting President Lex Luthor.  What happens when Metallo is thrown into the mix?
The movie will be available on September 29, 2009.  You will have a choice of getting it on Blu-ray, a special edition 2-disc DVD, a single disc DVD, through OnDemand and Pay-Per-View.  It will also be available for download on the same day.
Based on the Jeph Loeb/Ed McGuinness story arc, Kevin Conroy, Tim Daly and Clancy Brown reunite to bring this movie to life. 

 Are you planning on getting this when it comes out?  I will do an early review before it's released.
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Hellz yeah...i cant wait for this DVD!
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Superman beats Metallo very fast....
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Okay, WOW!! Want this!!
Did both of those cars have plates that say "PRESIDENT 1" on both ends? I think this is the first time they have animated Superman with such defined abs.

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Metallo doesn't go down that easy
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I'm getting this on Blu-ray despite any review I happen to see by accident beforehand lol, That's how I roll.

I can't wait. This was one of my fav DC story arcs of all time. Loeb's best work imo

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Super-man looks cool
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Well...I guess Metallo WAS in the movie.

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That is all.
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WEAK!!!!!!!!!!!  If they were going to bring back the original voices why the F&%K would they not bring back Malcom McDowell for Metallo.  They should have had  him kicking the hell out of Superman while singing "Singing in the Rain".    SOOOOOO DISAPOINTED>
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seems a little flat to me. I'll rent it.
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I can't wait.

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i dont remember this happening in the comic, but im still gonna buy it

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@Silver Knight75 said:

" @comicfanforever:
Metallo doesn't go down that easy "

Yea im pretty sure they will have a battle damage Metallo fight scene so we can all get a good look at his kryptonite power source.
 I look forward to adding this to my  very small Blu-ray  collection
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Looks really nice. Still miss the old Bruce Timm art style though. But I'll be checking this out.

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Saw a preview of this on the Green Lantern DVD, so definetly I'll be getting this on DVD!(To see Superman vs Captain Marvel,lol)

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this looks good

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Clancy's voice as Luthor is awesome.

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Hm...I usually am a fan of McGuiness but idk about this.... 

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@Red L.A.M.P.: yeah but the character is still one hell of a coward
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Seems to have a lot of cliche dialogue 'you shouldn't have done that. He's the president' in particular

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@Red L.A.M.P. said:
" Clancy's voice as Luthor is awesome. "
I know what you mean. It just fits the character perfectly. The same way Patrick Stewart is a good fit for Xavier, and Mark Hamill is a superb voice for the Joker.
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This has potential, good voice acting, great (not cliche) ideas/storyline. I would watch this.

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Awww, yeah...

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Man it's so nice to hear Tim's voice for Superman again. Nothing against Newbern or anything but it always sounded to me like he was trying to sound like Daly.

It's also nice to see Superman give Metallo a whooping and utlize his heat vision. Unlike in the Superman animated series where he get his a#$ handed to him all the time & hardly uses his other powers to win in a fight. 
Wish they brought back Malcolm McDowell to voice Metallo again.

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Yay Kevin Conroy as Batman I'm instantly motivated to get this

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Looks like a renter to me. 
Mainly because Public Enemies was a pretty terrible comic. 
But hey, I love me some animated DC so I will at least give it a shot.
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Well...that was boring...
Hope the rest of the movie shows a little more excitement... oh and DUH, metallo has to show up with the torn flesh face, half man, half machine so of course he's not beaten yet...

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Am realy excited about the release!!!

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Looks pretty cool.  I'm liking the animation.

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Artwork is a little different but I like it just the same. I can't wait to see the whole movie. I do agree that Metallo went down like a punk; should have been much tougher for Supes.
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Holy #)%(

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i saw the images of the movie and i have to say that it looks awesome.

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Well I guess we know what happens to Metallo... Or do we?

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 I thought Superman had X-Ray vision? Wouldn't he scope out the scene to see what people around him were packing and I don't know... look beyond the sunglasses to notice one of his other enemies? It seems in Superman's world, wearing a pair of glasses is equal to running around with a paperbag over your head.

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looks  good. looks better than doomsday. even with the awesome fights,that movie pissed me off.

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That was a pretty cool clip!

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This looks like fun. So good writing, too (At least in this clip)

#43 Posted by NagolNuff (2343 posts) - - Show Bio it me or the prettied up supes a bit? liek they they drew these charaters..idk deems off..still looks interesting
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@bingbangboom said:
"  I thought Superman had X-Ray vision? Wouldn't he scope out the scene to see what people around him were packing and I don't know... look beyond the sunglasses to notice one of his other enemies? It seems in Superman's world, wearing a pair of glasses is equal to running around with a paperbag over your head. "
lol welcome to the reason i never read his book growing up
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Got the movie, it's awesome.
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I think the movie was pretty good. I'm glad some things were changed from the original adaption. For example, everyone going against Superman because of some Kryptonite meteor was stupid. He's done good for the world for so long, and they all turn against him for something like that. There were other things, and at the same time, I feel some parts should have been put into the adaption, but it was pretty good overall.

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Sweet sickidness!!

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