Superman VS. The Elite Discussion!

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Seeing as this movie has been leaked already, many people have already watched it. (So have I.)

I am not going to post a link, since that is probably against some rule, but it is not difficult to find.

For those of us that have seen it already:

What did you guys think?

I personally love the DC animated movies (with the exception of one or two) and this really ranks up there for me. At the end, it's actually surprisingly touching, and I even uttered an "Aw, Superman...". It really helped flesh out Superman as more than just the "man of steel" and his faith in humanity, as an alien, really makes him feel even more "human" than any of the other metahumans in this movie.

I know the original comic was rated very highly, but many also view it to be overrated. What did you guys think? =D

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I didnt see it yet. But I thought it came out already

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Its out???

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@HolySerpent said:

I didnt see it yet. But I thought it came out already

The official release date is for five days from now. =] (I believe)@soccersss said:

Its out???

The leak for the film is out, which is how I watched it. Most DCAU films leak a week or two before they actually release.

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Give me the website...

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@greenteaforme: ihave just watched it and it was a better than i thoughtit was going to be.

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@soccersss said:

Its out???

Same reaction.

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I wish they would do a live action movie like made you really understand why Superman is how he is..

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Finally, a movie I can rank above Red Hood as best (recent, not set in dcau) DC animated movie yet.

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Needs better animation...

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i kinda liked the movie didnt like the ending it was way to clean, i just think that for once a hero movie should end with the hero questioning themselves and not all happy

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Moral of the movie: Don't F*ck with Superman.

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@syoungkeezy said:

i kinda liked the movie didnt like the ending it was way to clean, i just think that for once a hero movie should end with the hero questioning themselves and not all happy

Superman questioned himself throughout the whole movie
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Hated the animation, liked the maturity

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I loved it.

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Manchester Black was difficult to understand at times, we should invade england and teach them how to speak

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Huh. I gotta check this out later. Was this based on a particular story? Cause I don't recall an "Elite" story :/

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Yes it is based on a story, called Whatever Happened to Truth Justice and the American way.

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I was thoroughly impressed by it, and I'm not much of a Superman fan. I don't know why everyone's complaining about the animation, I thought it was nicely done for the most part. This is now definitely one of my favorite animated superhero movies.

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Wow. An excellent movie from start to the end.

I do understand the choice of animations now. They wanted this to look a little "old fashion" in the beginning to show how supes is still who he is. Then turned this into an insanely mature and edgy thing at the end. You can tell by the change in how Superman looks after he went berserk.

Great show. Another 5 star production from Warner premier. I would love to see another of Super DTV animated movie. Hopefully this time with the animations closer to Young Justice and without the underwear.

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I like it. The storyline was brilliantly done. We see some good character development for Superman. He had to deal with some tough mature issues and he handled them brilliantly. This movie also makes you realize that everyone is screwed if Superman ever decides to cross that line.

Regardless of what you think of the animation, everyone should watch it.

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Ya It was good. I was surprised I liked it. I thought I wasn't because of the animation but the story makes you forget that.

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great movie !!

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piece of crap. like justice league doom.

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Oh man! Best Superman movie EVER! Ok, maybe 2nd or third. Those first too Reeves movies were damn good. BUT YEAH! I loved everything about it. It was a Superman from my favorite era. Heres why:

Clark was either married to Lois or just living with her BUT either way she knew the secret and there was a great dynamic there we don't get to a see in a lot of Superman media.

Superman HAD THE TRUNKS! This may be the last time we see the red trunks displayed in an animated film. I hear filming has already began on a Flashpoint title and very soon I think we'll be seeing the DCnU costumes in animated media.

THE AMERICAN WAY got mentioned! I know he's a global hero and it's more financially sensible not to pander to any particular country. I know the "american way" isn't necessarily a good thing these days. I know that phrase wasn't even originally something superman said or part of his mythos (long long ago). HOWEVER, for many us, it's a big part of the mythos. I haven't seen him mention it in film for a long time and this may be the last time we see it happen.

There was a great display of power. Speed, strength, x-ray/heat vision, hearing, breath powers. Love how they showed him up above the clouds zeroing in a single voice. Regardless of what the material is, this movie did a bang up job of displaying most of things Superman can do. It wasn't just another story where he's strong, can fly, and shoot laser out've his eyes.

The robots/fortress! Superman is established as smart and self sufficient, but more importantly WE GET THROW BACKS TO THE SILVERAGE! GIANT GOLDEN KEY? HELL YEAH!!! Plus, Superman has all the great superman-bots to help him handle the most extreme of situations.

I actually could go on and on about this flick. So much great about it, but for now I want to here what others have to say before i go on

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That movie is a prove of how badass Superman is, as I've read the comic before I was like "Oh man he made them say the answer ('why u no kill bad guys' question) themselves Oooooooooh dude you're awesome"

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I liked it but I think they made the Elite too villainous. They had Menagerie randomly kill a dog for no reason at the beginning and they basically said that they lobotomized Bunny so they could use it as their base.

Also, it never really felt like Superman could lose since they showed the Elite getting their asses kicked by Atomic Skull and then Superman had to rescue them so it was pretty obvious that Superman is more powerful than all of them combined.

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They be dissing the Authority indirectly from The Elite, fun watch though

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It was a decent movie. C+ to B- grade for me. I enjoyed it but wouldn't sweat it if I never saw it again.

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The best Superhero animated movie i've seen.

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Haven't watched the movie yet but the book was awesome, and that bloody face at the end of the arc, man that was badass.

Moral of the story: Don't F*ck with Superman.


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it was great. and very emotional.

supes was good and i like the purple guy.

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it's really good

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