superman sucks

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I don't like how they have developed/revamped him

think Lois not being able to tell who he is without glasses is lame, well its the lamest disguise ever

I think he's a poor excuse for a hero, Batman is deeper, Doctor Who's funnier, Blade/BruceLee/Snake Pliskin etc cooler, Spider-Man more realistic, more able to relate to, more relevant etc

Hate how a weakened version of Superman makes villains like Darkseid a jobber

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^ wtf? You just proved you have no life.

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@Primmaster64 said:

^ wtf? You just proved you have no life.

Just ignore him. He's been banned on multiple accounts and is notorious for bumping old threads for no real reason. He's not worth responding to.

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This Thread sucks

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I don't like DCNU or Nu52 or whatever you call it


Property problems. Not as cool as Batman or Tony Stark, too overpowered, lawsuits from seigels etc


They flipped him the wrong way in the revamp, he lets people die, let a child molester go free


badly written silverage PIS and has a legion of idiotic fanboys that claim no-one can beat him


Crap Superman Returns movie

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Lock this please :-)

this is clearly a haters thread and nothing good will come from it :-P

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