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There have been many TV series made about Superman, but probably none of them loved as the Smallville TV series. This series ran from year 2001 to 2010 with a very massive following of devoted lovers. The show telecast on the WB network and is often on the prime time slot. This show also telecast in Canada where the same level of popularity was found.

When WB network broadcasted the Smallville series it was one of the most famous show the network ever generated and this added to the success of the WB network. More than 8 million individuals tuned in for the pilot and this commenced this series off with a boom. The show never lost this level of popularity and many people continue to watch faithfully as the show carries on to air older episodes. Tom Welling plays the role  as Clark Kent in this 5th Smallville series and his performance of Superman leads to the success of the series

Clark Kent worn superb Red Jacket which also gets great popularity and called by the name “Smallville Clark Kent Red leather jacket”. Celebswear offers this premium quality leather jacket to you in Red Color in discounted price.

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Should've seen this earlier. Already bought my Halloween outfit. I can consider getting this.

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Eh... Already Have one. Got a good deal on it too.

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I want one... I NEED THISSSSSSSS!!!!!

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@doctor_____: Dear u want this jacket? i buy this jacket this site you check it i hope u like it.

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Checkout this my 2015 Superman Smallville Blood Red Jacket :-)

I bought it from Sky-Seller online store at really cheap with free shipment.

See here :

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