SuperMan Returns the game

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Any thoughts im getting it for christmas.

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Well, I got it for my PS2, and I loved it. Apparently though, it's not for everyone. It's the best Superman game to date, and in my opinion, the best Superhero game to date. It's essentially the same game as Spider-Man 2, but 13x larger and with much more freedom. Unfortunately, a LOT of people had HUGE expectations for the game, and it simply fell short of all the hype. People were expecting to be able to destroy the city, fly into space, across the world, fly at lightspeed, etc... Basically, the game makes you feel like Superman. You have to get past the clunky targeting system and combat mechanics, but it's a really fun and well made game.

Of course, this is all in my opinion. I'm gerally a laid back guy, and I don't take games terribly seriously.

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My roomate played it, and he says he got bored very quickly. When you're playing superman, that makes sense. I think I'd get bored beating the crap out of things over and over again.

Then again, you can get bored playing the spiderman 2 game, but that was still fun in it's own regards.

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All the GameSpot guys (we used to work there) say it is absolutely abyssmal. I'd recommend going with ultimate alliance or the new justice league game instead.

#5 Posted by ScoodleDaddle (742 posts) - - Show Bio

The Gamespot review horribly exaggerated everything, and complained about every little tiny problem, and didn't talk at all about the good points. It was bizarrely biased, and after playing the game, it simply didn't make any sense.

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I own Marvel Ulitimate alliance and thats great.

In super man returns isn't there supposed to be a bizzaro mode?

My Game Informer talked about minor things like Launching eniemies into space isn't fun and crap like that, they gave it a 6.5 out of 10 but I can't wait.

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I never trust GameSpot... I never trust anyone who's paid to review anything.

I've been a gamer for all my life, ever since I could hold the Atari stick, and I can safely say that if you really want to know how it is(that is any game), your best bet is to play it. That's why god invented rentals, you know...

Personally, I enjoyed Superman Returns quite a lot. Nothing out of the ordinary, though. If you ask me, both Justice League Heroes and Marvel: Ultimate Alliance are better games. But as I said before, the only one who can actually tell if you'll like it is yourself.

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I bought it after playing the demo. I read all the terrible reviews, too, but the demo was so much fun and I really wanted to do the boss battles. I have to say it was not worth buying. The whole game will take you 5-6 hours, and there's no replayability. The "story" is just a few crappy looking cut scenes that explain the story of the movie, but have nothing to do with the game. Then there's just random battles with robots, mutants, dragons, or aliens every 2 minutes and a boss battle every now and then. There are a few spots where you can turn into Bizzaro but you are on a short timer (there's no free mode as Bizzaro). There's a few races against Mxlzysptlk(sp?) but you just fly along a glowing beam and have to be almost perfect to win, but you don't get anything for them unless you beat them all, then you just get an achievement. Then there's 100 kittens to rescue, but good luck finding them in the 80 square miles of city. And that's it. There's no random crimes to stop, no goofy side missions like taking pictures or delivering pizzas, no hidden items to collect, no bonus for exploration, and you don't even get to upgrade your powers yourself, they just happen at certain times (and don't make a big difference).

Overall, it is fun being Superman, but you can just play the demo for that, there's really nothing more to the full game that you can't get out of the demo(the boss battles are pretty boring so no loss there, and Superman can do everything Bizarro can, but without the time limit). With such great games out there like Spider-man 2 and Hulk, you'd think people would just start with those as a base and build from there, but with Superman Returns they started with nothing and added just enough to call it a game. The 80 square mile city is wasted because it's basically empty.

Part of the problem, I think, is that they didn't make it for the next-gen consoles, they made it for the current gen and just increased the draw distance for the 360. Had they developed it for the 360 from the beginning, they could have had a lot more stuff going on, instead of taxing the previous consoles to their limits just trying to draw the city.

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I loved it it was so cool that you can fly without being pull back into the ground and they a perfect job on the city

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i could not beat the tordao level

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that was the dumbest game ever. i hated it personally. and G4's X-Play gave it a 1out of 5

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The movie was trash....and the game?....

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