Superman recommended reading list expansion!

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Guys i am making a superman recommended reading list and i want your advice about storylines that considered to be crusial or great.If i am missing some (which sure i am,tell me)

This is the list so far

Superman and the men of steel

Superman secret origin

Superman earth one

Superman red son

Superman birthright

all star Superman

kingdom come

Superman whats so funny about truth and justice and the american way

Superman for the man who has everything

Superman whatever happened to the man of tommorow

Superman brainiac

Superman and the legion of superheroes

Superman godfall

Superman/batman public enemies

Superman/batman supergirl

death of Superman

Emperor Joker

Superman in the 50s

Superman For all seasons

Hitman vol1 #34

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It seems like you have a pretty good list of the most critically acclaimed Superman stories in the Modern Age. The few suggestions I have are:

Superman: Peace by Paul Dini and Alex Ross

Final Crisis: Superman- Beyond 3D by Grant Morrison and Doug Mahnke

Superman in the 50's and 60's- Compilations with forwards by Mark Waid (because I'm a sucker for the Golden Age)

Action Comics #1 (the original because, hey, it's the book that started it all)

And for my most controversial selection: The Kingdom by Mark Waid because even though it wasn't as good as Kingdom Come, I still liked it a lot.

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Oh! And Reign of the Supermen which was the story that followed his death. That was a lot of fun.

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@Jekylhyde14: Thank you for your recommendations,i am gonna look at them right away!

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I'd add Superman For All Seasons by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale too.

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@Squalleon: Superman For All Seasons should be at the top of the list 
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@ccanedy, @Jonny_Anonymous: I actually forgot it,thanks!

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I liked Superman No Limits, Hunter/Prey, For Tomorrow, Superman Critical Condition and Emperor Joker.

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Very Good List. I would put Emperor Joker on there. And I'm personally not a big fan of Public Enemies because I don't like the art and there are some silly bits that are ridiculous such as the composite Superman Batman rocket but that is more of a personal preference. Great List Brah!

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