Superman Punches Energy Beams!

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I am sure other characters have done it over the past, but I know that at least since the Max Fleischer cartoons Superman has been defeating city-destroying atomic death rays by punching them in their energy-faces. It's a pretty unusual signature move which really makes you wonder just what in the heck is going on with Kryptonian physiology.

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He used to punch energy beams and fire and all kinds of crap in the JL and JLU cartoons 
Supergirl, Wonder Woman and Hawkgirl did it too....don't understand it either...but it looked cool

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THis has been happening since the golden ages . Silver age does it better :)

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Superman can do anything.

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Superman can do anything.

I remember one of the old old old cartoons where he faces off against some evil genius guy (not Luthor) an he punched them.@PowerHerc said:

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Lots of characters do it. I don't see what the big deal is.

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That's pretty irresponsible behavior.

Those deflected beams could cause all kinds of collateral damage.

Standing there and taking the shots in the chest might be "boring" Clark but at least it breaks the beams up and dissipates them in a less dangerous way.

No wonder they call Bruce the smart one. >.>

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Simple, energy beams contain mass. It explains why not only they can be punched back, but why people who lack lightspeed speed and reflexes can dodge them.

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the only thing superman can't punch is chuck noris

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I was watching the Animated Series and had to bring it back up.

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@trell0323: No problem.I actually love seeing this cartoons on youtube.If you search all Fleischer Superman cartoons are on it with great video quality.

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