Superman - Hawkman Timeline Question

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So I just read Hawkman#12 and I thought the ending was pretty cool. Pike gave some explanation of history and where things may go, as he called it "destiny"

He explained that the Daemonites are controlled by Helspont and destroy and take over Worlds etc..... ok pretty cool.

But I remember reading in Superman#8 that Helspont had been banished by the Daemonites and is seeking revenge.

I believe Hawkman and Supeman are both running in the same timeline or did I miss something? Or perhaps Pike is unaware of Helspont being banished and is already on Earth? Or did DC just mess up? HELP!!!!

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I can't offer you any concrete answers. I haven't even read an issue of Hawkman since the New 52 began. From what I remember of the original Helspont and Daemonites from WildC.A.Ts vol, 1, Helspont and his army of Daemonites were trapped on Earth while there was a larger army of Daemonites out in the cosmos. Perhaps, in this reality, Helspont managed to retain the loyalty of a fair number of Daemonites after his exile who followed him to Earth. In Superman, he revealed his ambition to begin his conquests again and eventually return to the Daemonite empire and conquer it. Maybe he kept a small Daemonite army that served him in Hawkman so he could pursue this ambition. Maybe it's sort of like Napoleon. He was in exile but had loyal troops ready for whenever he escaped. This isn't explicitly stated anywhere in the comics. I'm just throwing a reasonable explanation out there.

During his rant, Rob Liefeld mentioned a Daemonite crossover that was supposed to occur in Superman, Hawkman, and Grifter. It was all planned out and Rob had even started laying out plot developments for it, but then he heard that the Superman office changed their minds about doing the crossover. It was supposed to happen this fall so I imagine the Hel on Earth Superman/Superboy/Supergirl crossover was green lighted in its place. Anyway, I figure the answer that you're looking for probably would have been revealed during that story had it gone through. It does feel like the communication between editors in DC isn't perfect, though, so maybe they made a mistake? In any event, we haven't seen the last of Helspont or the Daemonites so I'm sure you'll get some kind of explanation eventually.

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Thanks much for the detailed reply. That really helped out a lot.

I only started reading with the New 52, so history beyond one year is shaky for me. I rely on forums and Wiki to fill in the blanks.

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You're quite welcome! I'm glad you found my reply helpful. Jumping into comics can be hard even after a reboot because the creators still tend to rely on a characters prior history sometimes without even thinking about it.

Oh, and I hope you picked up the Superman Annual this week. It addressed your question and maybe even answered it. Or... it may just add to the confusion. Either way, the Daemonites are shaping up to be a significant threat on Earth.

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Yes, I will be getting it tomorrow. I use to work in NYC and supported Midtown Comics, however my job recently moved back to NJ. I now am on mail order from Midtown Comics so I can keep supporting them. Plus they are pretty large and are never out of stock.

Funny thing getting back into Comics. I am 40 and read them as a kid, then just stopped at some point. Now my kid loves Superheros so I found myself in the Comic shop often trying to find him unique action figures. It was just at the the time Flashpoint was taking place. So I talked to the guy and he said it was a good time to jump in. It has been great. Now I get 13 Comics and he gets 2. Superman Family Adventures and Green Lantern Animated Series.

Thanks again.

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Glad to hear that the New 52 got you back into comics, and that you're introducing them to your kid. I just became an uncle and my first presents to the nephew just happened to be a Superman plushie and a Spider-Man plushie (I don't want to lead him into becoming a DC fan, I want him to make the choice himself). I hoped that DC's reboot would lure some new readers in or some readers back. It seems like it worked to some degree.

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