Superman Elseworlds Story Idea

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Main Characters:Clark Kent, Lex Luthor

Supporting Characters: Jonathan Kent, Martha Kent, Lionel Luthor


On the planet Krypton, Jor-El and his wife Lara decide to send their infant son to Earth so that he may escape the pending destruction of their planet. When the ship arrives on Earth, it is found by billionaire Lionel Luthor who secretly decides to adopt the child and raise him as his own. When the child begins to display incredible powers, Lionel naming him Lex, he decides to mold the child into his image and use the powers to conquer the world.

Meanwhile. farmer Jonathan Kent and his wife Martha give birth to a beautiful red headed boy whom they name Clark Kent. Years later, they are struck with grief as the doctor informs them that Clark has been diagnosed with incurable cancer.

As a place to begin his dark reign, Lionel and Lex decide to take over the very town that the Kents are living in. One night, during a meteor storm, Clark notices Lex weakening, especially when he is almost struck by a wierd green looking meteor. In a last ditch effort, to save his planet, and since he is dying anyways, Clark picks up the meteorite and runs towards Lex, in that instant a freak lightning bolt shoots from the sky and strike both Clark and Kent causing them to switch bodies and curing Clark's body of the cancer.

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Doesn't seem to be much point to Clark having cancer in the story, but being switched from an all-powerful body to a frail, mortal one seems a fitting prison sentence for an evil powermonger.

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I figured the cancer part to explain the baldness.

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I assume the implication here is that the kryptonite facilitated the body switch (that was done in two episodes of Smallville, btw). I'm not really a fan of that idea, but this body switch idea would be the best explanation of their enmity that I have seen yet. Yeah, Superman fights all evil, and Lex is just plain evil, but his hatred of Superman has never made much sense. Superman having his body would make major sense for the focused hatred. Not bad.

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Smallville is where I got the idea, but in this case it's a one time deal. The process is irreversable

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