Superman Dreams

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So this is a little bit of a weird topic but I figured I'd throw it out there to see what kind of fun responses I can get. Myself, like many other avid Superman fans have all had dreams of either being big blue, having his powers, or something else entirely. Keep it civil and as PG as possible, but take a minute and describe your most vivid or fun Super-dream!

I'll start off with one I had the other day. It took place at my workplace office (it's a giant computer and security products warehouse) and I had just discovered that morning that I had the powers of a Kryptonian. So of course after getting to work by way of flight (naturally) I began to show off if you will, my newly found powers to co-workers. In the midst of all of this, somehow the Hulk is injected to the dream and now he's all sorts of angryface and for some reason chasing me. Sadly, the dream was rudely interrupted by my alarm clock and it ends just as I engaged Hulk in a little 1930's fisticuffs.

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