Superman: A Better Movie Character than a Comic Character?

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Alright I'll state right off that I hate Superman comics. The only Superman comics I have ever enjoyed are Superman Earth One and the New 52 Action Comics Superman comic. That aside, I really do like the character, but I only like him outside the comics. I loved the Donner Superman films(Superman Returns was okay. Not good or great but okay), I loved Superman TAS, I liked Smallville(by the 5th season they should have renamed it Metropolis and made it a real Superman show but I digress), and I thought he was great in Justice League and JLU. But the reason I only like him outside of the comics is because compared to the few I've read(Excluded the ones I said I liked) is because he's written better. The reason I think he's better in movies is because he is the ONLY hero in that given universe. Not saying that he NEEDS to be the only superhero in his movies(Still want to see a Superman/Batman movie), but I think it adds to the fantasy. Also in the movies he never really faces a villain that gives him a physical challenge aside from Zod and company(I refuse to count Superman 3 and 4 as movies), while in the comics we see him having trouble with guys like Toyman when we all know he could take him down in seconds. The reason I like the first Donner Superman is that it was basically a disaster movie with Superman. It felt a little more real world since natural disasters, terrorist attacks, and things of that nature are the only thing we would really need Superman for in the real world. In the comics, unless he is going up against Doomsday or Mongul it just doesn't feel suspenseful. I mean with Batman(Or any street level hero for that matter) you feel suspense since he's a man and you don't if he'll get beaten to a pulp or not. Now those who know me might be thinking, "But you like Thor and he's on Superman's level", and you'd be right. But the thing with Thor is that he fights more cosmic level threats than regular villains, unlike Superman. So what do you think?

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That's why they have depowered him in the New 52. Many people feel the same way as you do.

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@azza04 said:

That's why they have depowered him in the New 52. Many people feel the same way as you do.

And how do you know?
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@buttersdaman000: How do I know alot of people feel the same way Mr Dead Pool does? Because I feel that way, I know several other people who felt that way, and plus you only have to read the fourms on here to see the hate that Superman was/is getting. Don't get me wrong i'm not a Superman hater, he's my favourite character.

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Well, thats because people like to hate something. Superman hate is a bandwagon that a lot of people jumped on. There are plenty of characters more powerful than him and weakening him down defeats the purpose of him being "Super". 
But thats not what I was asking. I meant how do you know he's depowered? As of JL#2 he already has some impressive feats.  
And, after reading his post again, Mr. Dead Pool doesnt hate the fact that Superman is powerful. He basically hates the fact that his rogue gallery is lacking. Something I also dislike. Give Superman some powerful cosmic threats and everything will be gravy. 
Or at least utilize Brainiac, Mongul, Zod, and a handful of others more often. Leave out toyman and banshee.....
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@buttersdaman000: Yeah I was refering to Action Comics where he can't fly yet and is not as strong. But you are right, in Justice League he shattered Lanterns energy construct and tagged the Flash. They could also not be as powerful due to it being set in the past.

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@buttersdaman000: YES! That is exactly what I mean! I loved Superman Earth One because the villain wasn't Luthor or some other earth villain, it was an alien somewhat on par with him! In Superman TAS they made even his lamest villains deadly(Toyman was extremely creepy in that show). I believe that Superman should still have lame villains but they shouldn't try to make them more of a problem than they are!

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I'll have to disagree with you on this. I'll be the first to admit Superman can easily work as the only superhero in any given universe, I mean he started out as the first so it's very easy to picture that. However, I do like to see Superman take on earth based villains. The reason why is because with villains like Lex, and to a lesser extent Toyman, there's a mental challenge there. Sure, I like knock-down-drag-out fights as much as the next guy, but I also like seeing him stop a big elaborate plot with many pieces and facets to it that put him to the test. I'm not saying he should be a detective, but it adds a change to the fights.

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In my opinion, that's what makes Superman a great hero. Of course we know that he could easily decapitate certain villains in mere seconds, but he chooses not to, instead deciding to use the most peaceful methods possible - and this shows the mental strength of Superman, having to make difficult decisions everytime he puts on that cape.

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