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What are the origins of superman prime and superman prime one million? are they canon (part of the mainstream dc universe)? If not, if canon superman sundipped for 15000 years could he be as powerful as superman prime one million?

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@jay_z94: they were both cannon before the reboot as of now im assuming not

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I think that I've asked this before elsewhere. . . . Is this Sun-dipped idea to Superman like rage is to the Hulk? The more of if the more power?

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Superman Prime One Million was canon in the post-Crisis, pre-New 52 continuity, as one potential future for Superman. Until he's referenced again post-Flashpoint, the assumption must be that he's no longer canonical.

All-Star Superman Prime was Grant Morrison's non-continuity reference to his work on the DC One Million series (he also reused the villain Solaris originally introduced in it), offering a possible explanation for why the canon Superman Prime One Million was in the Sun for so long.

A final character by the name of Superman-Prime was an older Superboy-Prime during a period when DC had temporarily lost the rights to Superboy to the descendants of Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster. Like Superman Prime One Million, he was once canon, and it remains to be seen whether he still is or not (though assume not).

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