Speeding Bullets

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It's an interesting what if ? story. Should i go for it

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*sigh...bump !!

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I want to help but I have no idea what you're talking about, sorry.

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@consolemaster001: It's an interesting concept that we see every couple of years. "What if Superman and Batman were the same person?"

While I'd say it's it's definitely worth a read, I can't say that it's definitely worth purchasing. Unless for some reason you just absolutely fall in love with this book (and you might) you'll probably read it once and leave it on a shelf to collect dust for years to come.

That's my assessment.

@Loki9876: He's talking about this

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@Loki9876: Kal-El's ship lands in gotham.

@Onemoreposter: Thanks, i can't purchase it due to the country i'm living in.

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Well I got a pretty beat up copy from my LCS and it's not perfect but I can still read it and the story isn't bad. Not the best Superman what if story, but still a good one.

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