Six More Developments From ACTION COMICS #10

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T'en months into DC's "The New 52" and we still don't have all the answers to who and what the characters are all about. That might seem frustrating but in some cases, it adds to the excitement in reading the series. Some DC series have already established who and where the characters are. The titles are moving along normally but there are some that continue to give us little surprises or reaffirm what is now official since the DCU has changed.

In Grant Morrison's ACTION COMICS, we've been looking at the early days of Superman. The first arc ended and we even had a story take place on Earth 23. Now we're back in Metropolis for a new story arc that doesn't look too good for Clark Kent as he's been marked for death.

Make sure you read ACTION COMICS #10 before continuing as there will be some spoilers below. We won't spoil everything and you owe it to yourself to see what happens in the beginning of this new arc by Grant Morrison and Rags Morales.

Time Period

This isn't exactly a revelation or development for Superman but more one for the series. For some reason I was under the impression that at the end of the first arc when Superman gained the Kryptonian armor suit, the series would jump forward to the present. It felt as if the story of the early days of Superman were at an end and we'd be seeing stories take place alongside SUPERMAN. This is what happened in the pages of JUSTICE LEAGUE but thankfully isn't the case here.

Superman Keeps Extra Suits Around Town

We don't know exactly how many he might have but we have seen some different colored Superman t-shirts. He started off with a blue one but we've also seen a white shirt. There was the question of whether or not this was intentional or could it have been a coloring error in the comic?

The idea of Clark keeping a change of clothes in a bus terminal locker (or that's what it looked like) is a great idea. He may not exactly need it now that he has the Kryptonian armor and it has a way of concealing itself somehow but it's still a cool idea. This also helps if his apartment gets searched for any reason.

When Superman started his career, we have to assume he simply had some t-shirts made with his emblem. Where he got them made is another question. But if he had them made out of regular clothing, it's natural to expect them to get ripped and damaged. Of course he would have had multiple shirts made.

It's not clear if he keeps them at various locations but that would be an even smarter move as it would allow more access and take care of the problem if the contents in the locker were ever discovered.

As for the change in color, perhaps Clark wanted different ones for reflect his mood. Maybe he just wasn't sure what color would look the coolest. Maybe he just got a deal on a multi-pack of different colored t-shirts.

Batman Doesn't Trust Superman

Not a shocker but great to see this established right away.

In an almost awkward but great scene, Superman meets with the Justice League. They are still new and not completely comfortable with each other. They do trust each other but not completely. Superman brings up the idea of trying to save the world but it doesn't quite go the way he'd hope.

The important thing is we can see how cautious and mistrustful Batman is. Because he maps everything out and considers all the possibilities, he knows Superman could be problem. He informs the others when Superman leaves that someday they'll likely have to deal with him. We don't' know if Batman feels the same way about the rest of his team or if Superman could have been listening and heard what Batman said. It's just great to see that Batman most likely has already devised a way to take Superman down.

Lois, Clark and Jimmy

Again, this may not be a huge development but we get to see more on the friendship/relationship between these three. It does further establish that the three are closer to the same age and on equal footing in terms of friendship. In the previous stories, there was more of a gap between Jimmy and the others. He was the young cub reporter while Lois and Clark had more experience as journalists.

During this scene we are also reminded that Lois does still have her spelling problem. She may be a great reporter but we've seen in the past that spelling wasn't her strong suit. That's not a big deal since she can always use spellcheck.

We also find out that Lana was indeed Clark's prom date. We saw the earlier interaction between them in the flashback in issue #6. Lana knew about Clark's secret while Pete Ross did not. The question is, where is Lana today?

Was There Another Hero Before Superman?

While Clark is hanging out with Lois and Jimmy, Clark checks out Lois' Superman scrapbook. She collected newspaper articles on the exploits of Superman. To Clark's surprise, some of them take place before he started using his powers. He mentions that some of the stories were accounts from ten years before his official appearance.

Lois quickly brushes it off as it could have been any of the there other heroes in the Justice League and maybe the writers just didn't know.

What we know is this will have to be something that Morrison touches on later.

The Purpose of Nimrod the Hunter's Mask

Maxim Zarov saw himself as the greatest hunter. Using the name Nimrod after a verse in the Bible (Genesis, Chapter ten, verses eight and nine), he decided he wanted to hunt and kill Superman to add to the list of kills he's accomplished. When we saw Nimrod in issue #8, it turns out that wasn't his first appearance.

We don't get the strongest sense of what exactly motivates him seeing how everything comes together is only the beginning for this character. We get an idea now why his appearance is so different here than in issue #6 and you have to wonder what he does in between this appearance and what we know will happen later on.

We'll have to wait and see what happens next. Clark may have gotten himself in over his head. He's going to have a lot of explaining to do.

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I'm regretting dropping this series, after seeing this stuff. I need to catch up.

#2 Posted by Deadcool (6901 posts) - - Show Bio

@webling said:

I'm regretting dropping this series, after seeing this stuff. I need to catch up.

Only god would have mercy on your soul.Naw I am just kidding.

#3 Posted by zackattack529 (1408 posts) - - Show Bio

@webling: its one of the best series DC has and it got me to actually LIKE superman as a character, i never did before, and if your going to catch up

you can skip issues 5,6, and 9.

5 and 6 are if youd like to know his origin in the new 52 and who the anti-superman army is (nirods 1st appearence)

and issue 9 is an introduction to the paralell superman. good story should be for the good read.

#4 Posted by Spiderslike (653 posts) - - Show Bio

Sounds interesting but I'm confused I didn't read the issue but how can the Justice League be assembled if this takes place years before Justice League 1 Cyborg wasn't even around before Justice League 1?

#5 Posted by ssejllenrad (13028 posts) - - Show Bio

@Spiderslike: This was already after the first Justice League arc. But before the current Justice League arc and Superman arcs.

#6 Posted by Spiderslike (653 posts) - - Show Bio

@ssejllenrad: Ok got it thanks man

#7 Posted by Zabilac (36 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah right, if Batman doesn't have case files on how to take down the other members of the League then I'm the queen of England.

#8 Edited by Eyz (3184 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm loving it...but how to put it, it still feels like an Elseworld. This is as much "the true definitive main Superman interpretation" of this new DCU as Red Son, or Realworld: Superman was...

I dunno... just my opinion...

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@webling: dont be. its all over the place.

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Still don't understand how clark is dead here and alive in superman...

#11 Posted by azza04 (1764 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman...what a douche, I'm suprised Supes doesn't slap him back to Gotham.

#12 Posted by thecapedcrusader (5 posts) - - Show Bio

After reading this article I am considering dropping superman for action comics.

#13 Posted by LordRequiem (1334 posts) - - Show Bio

This series doesn't really appeal to me, as I prefer up to date Superman, not early superman again, I prefer the current, present day series.

#14 Posted by Killer_of_trolls (2068 posts) - - Show Bio

Klark Pottah!

#15 Posted by Skaddix (3111 posts) - - Show Bio

@Zabilac said:

Yeah right, if Batman doesn't have case files on how to take down the other members of the League then I'm the queen of England.

lets hope he put on paper this time although johns might have implied that cyborg read said plans.

#16 Posted by Ugbug (23 posts) - - Show Bio

@LordRequiem: I'm the exact opposite, I've dropped Superman as it just wasn't interesting at all, and have kept Action Comics because I'm enjoying the younger Superman. But I am a new comic book reader, having started with the new 52, so have never seen any youngish Superman in comics or any other medium (I've never even watched an episode of Smallville). My main Superman exposure prior to the new 52 comics was the movies I saw as a kid in the early 80's. I congratulate Grant Morrison on getting me interested in a character I've not been interested in since I was a little kid.

#17 Posted by Superguy1591 (7135 posts) - - Show Bio

Batman wants to go after Superman? I guess the beating Batman got in Justice League # 2 wasn't enough for him.

#18 Posted by marvelbeast (615 posts) - - Show Bio

i need to start reading this series

#19 Posted by crowncoke (218 posts) - - Show Bio

I am interested in the sightings from before Superman came on the scene. Those open lots of doors. I wonder what Morrison plans to do with those possibilities.

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Pffft, Batman doesn't trust ANYBODY. You should have seen him when he first met Mother Teresa
#21 Posted by BigPromise (35 posts) - - Show Bio

@Superguy1591: no one can beat bats hes just to good not even clark

#22 Posted by TomHunter (48 posts) - - Show Bio

Did no one catch the reference to niece/step niece Susie????? In the golden age stories, I believe that Susie was a lil hellraiser!! For some reason I think that she also was present in a golden age story that featured Mr. Myxlplkt.

I thought that this was gonna be one of the revelations!!!

#23 Posted by SexualLobster (995 posts) - - Show Bio

@BigPromise said:

@Superguy1591: no one can beat bats hes just to good not even clark

Bats has never beaten Superman in any canon story, because if he did, it would be foolish.

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Wait can he fly yet? If so when did he learn?

#25 Posted by rpgr (333 posts) - - Show Bio

Supes pretty much gave away their secret identities, it's what pissed off Batman. It's totally in character.

#26 Edited by Superguy1591 (7135 posts) - - Show Bio

@BigPromise: So...we're just going to ignore Justice League # 2 then, are we?

Do we also ignore Batman:The Dark Knight#6, too?

#27 Posted by Dernman (17533 posts) - - Show Bio
@Superguy1591 said:

@BigPromise: So...we're just going to ignore Justice League # 2 then, are we?

Do we also ignore Batman:The Dark Knight#6, too?

I'm pretty much ignoring the entire 52 Dark Knight series.
#28 Posted by AskaniSon295 (453 posts) - - Show Bio

I have a Theory what if the New52 Earth-1 is actually the WatchmenEarth in the future Maybe the Court of Owls are a bunch of Nightowl fanboys. I would also explain why they are releaseing Before Watchmen right now.

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I may be speaking prematurely as I am going to read this one tonight. I have read all previous Action and Justice League comics to date. From what I gather above, it is showing that Superman has just met the Justice League for the first time? How is that so? In Justice League, there have a whole comic dedicated to Batman and GL meeting meeting Superman. Just confused on the timing? Again, I have to read the issue tonight so maybe it will be revealed, but any good insight would be great. Thanks.

#30 Posted by notarandomguy (318 posts) - - Show Bio
#31 Posted by Dragonage2ftw (48 posts) - - Show Bio

I haven't read action comics yet. What would be a good issue to start with?

#32 Posted by BlackArmor (6217 posts) - - Show Bio

........come now is #3 really a development

#33 Posted by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

I think he series finally got interesting. This is the first issue I actually understood.

#34 Posted by The Mighty Monarch (3658 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, "Batman doesn't trust Superman" hasn't been a new development in ages.

#35 Posted by htb106 (1724 posts) - - Show Bio

I only read this issue a few hours ago, I found this story quite confusing.

#36 Posted by Superdork (1035 posts) - - Show Bio

@Spiderslike said:

Sounds interesting but I'm confused I didn't read the issue but how can the Justice League be assembled if this takes place years before Justice League 1 Cyborg wasn't even around before Justice League 1?

This story takes place right after Justice League issue 6. (5 years ago)

@Skaddix said:

@Zabilac said:

Yeah right, if Batman doesn't have case files on how to take down the other members of the League then I'm the queen of England.

lets hope he put on paper this time although johns might have implied that cyborg read said plans.

That would be epic. But I don't think that Johns's Batman would have those files. He's too trusting.

#37 Posted by Superdork (1035 posts) - - Show Bio

@htb106 said:

I only read this issue a few hours ago, I found this story quite confusing.

Morrison has stopped caring about pacing. I had to re-read it to understand the issue fully.

#38 Posted by AtomicPoweredDuck (1 posts) - - Show Bio

I thought her "A.D.D." comment was a jibe at her step-niece having Attention Deficit Disorder. You know, what they used to call "being hyperactive".

#39 Posted by Primmaster64 (21663 posts) - - Show Bio

man...Batman is a damn hypocrite.

#40 Edited by toptom (1390 posts) - - Show Bio

nice issue,but i am waiting for bigger action..or for SOME action

#41 Posted by RedOwl_1 (1743 posts) - - Show Bio

"Batman doesn't trust Superman"

Me: ORLY? He hardly trust someone, and then he stills being careful with people he "trust" (ex. Tower of Babel)

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@Dragonage2ftw: This issue is a good one to start with.

as for anyone confused about the timesline

5 1/2 years ago - Action Comics #1-#8

5 Years Ago - Justice League #1-#6

and this issue starts not long after JL #6

Really glad this series is staying in the past for now.

#43 Posted by Guardiandevil83 (7358 posts) - - Show Bio

We have to remember that Batman is the only non meta on the team. Of course he would have way's of neutralizing everyone else. He dosen't or before the new 52 ever had to prep for Ollie, Barbra or Dick. Because he trained them, he practically knows what they'll do before they do. He's better, and they know it. So I don't mind that he has ways of stopping them. He's not simply implying that Supes may switch sides, because it's not out of the realm of possibilty that Supes, or Diana can be mind-controlled, or possossed. It's happened before. (In previous issue's before the reboot.)

#44 Posted by JV (94 posts) - - Show Bio

@DrewHLMW: I don't have the issues in front of me. But trying to recollect the Justice League, it was way back in like #3 or there abouts that GL and Batman sought out to find Superman. In Justice League that was their first encounter. So it seems a little off in Action that the meeting took place with the already formed Justice League?

#45 Posted by DrewHLMW (58 posts) - - Show Bio

@JV: Batman and GL found Superman at the end of issue #1 and teamed up in issue #2

I'm pretty sure Superman calls the meeting of the JL in this issue, it's not their first meeting they establish that this is after JL #1-#6 but before #7

#46 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

It's actually quite pleasant to see you giving an actual Bible verse reference here! ::smiles:: Now onto the revelations. I kind of like it that they didn't jump forward yet time-wise, for it allows more character development that I think is needed. The whole bit about the suits about town I kinda like, for it makes Superman like a minuteman...ready to fight at a moment's notice, you know? The whole "Superman before Clark" bit is what really intrigues me though. Really, REALLY intrigues me...

#47 Posted by JV (94 posts) - - Show Bio

@DrewHLMW: Thanks, yeah. I am reading it tonight. I should have waited to read it before commenting.

#48 Edited by BigRed125 (30 posts) - - Show Bio

@TomHunter: If this is the case then I'm sure that this is no coincidence. I'm still convinced that the short little man in issues 1, 6, and 7 is Mr. Mxyzptlk. My suspicion was furthered by the fact that by issue 8 he was gone again despite the characters trapped in the bottled Metropolis never moved. In FACT this is mentioned in dialogue in issue 8 where Glenmorgan is told that there was no "little man" there.

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The earlier hero is either him as Superboy or Grant Morrison has something up his sleeve.

#50 Posted by Serberus08 (115 posts) - - Show Bio

What Issue is the Bats/JL meet Superman?

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