Silver Age Superman on Marriage

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You know, there's been a lot of talk on Comicvine about Comic Book marriages these days. I've never much cared for them. I did, however, come across some scans I did a while back of one of my favorite Silver Age Superman tales about marriage. It's from a little story called "Clark Kent's Hillbilly Bride" featured in Superman #94. It all starts when Clark accidentally carries a girl over the town's "marrying rock." I wish I scanned the entire story since I no longer own the issue, but I did get the beginning and end in these four pages. I hope you enjoy!

"...nothing in the world can stop him from remaining a bachelor!" Except maybe the '90's... but that's what retcons are for! This story illustrates why Superman is so great: He's the only man alive that can escape from a shotgun wedding. Anyway, this is a funny little story that could've only happened in the 1950's. I hope it alleviated some of the marriage controversy out there!

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