SA Superman can lift how much tons?

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SA superman can lift duodecillions  tons?(  )



Please who can tell me the correct data....thank your...

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i know,kal kent just only move an galaxy.....but,i think sa superman

force     = kal kent

kal kent just has 5D ,kal kent more powergul than sa superman


and ,earth one Kryptonians is neary-infinite power levels  ( flies fast enough to break out of the multiverse into Heaven )

so,SA superman can lift how much ton?

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  I'm not sure but I don't think there's an established upper limit for SA Superman's strength.

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 neary-infinite power levels  

not"infinite power"

sa/ba superman can flies fast enough to break out of the "multiverse" into Heaven ,this feats is very  amazing !!!

so,i think superman can easily lift duodecillions  tons

The correct? or 

Other answers

thank your

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Let's see- his closest marvel counterparts ( Hulk, Thor, Hercules) can lift(bench press) upwards of 100 tons and as Superman laid out the God of Thunder with one punch in the Avengers/JLA crossover, that would make him stronger than them all put together!


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Superman can lift (Press) an unlimited, unquantifiable ammount of tons.
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@PowerHerc said:
Superman can lift (Press) an unlimited, unquantifiable ammount of tons.
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SA supers Strength and power was never capped . His power and strength was your imagination. So you can add as much zeroes to that as you want

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SA superman so such powerful... 
i thnink SA supergirl is so such powerful ,too.!!! 

Thank you

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SA superman's strengh seems to be infinite but I have seen some examples where he possibly showed his limitations, if that doesn't sum it up then I don't know what will.

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200 quintillion was his largest but he felt like he could do more.

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superman can lift milion of tons

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