Recommendations for someone who likes the character but...

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... find many of his stories boring. These are stories I have read, don't know why but I love the character, it's just there is a very small amount of comics I like about him. So what do you recommend to someone like me? I can be TPB, Digital, single issues...


  • Secret Identity
  • Superman Beyond (The new digital series)
  • Exile in Space
  • Reign of Doomsday
  • For The Man Who Has Everything (My favourite Superman comic)
  • Red Son
  • All-Star Superman
  • Dark Knight Over Metropolis
  • Peace on Earth

Not sure if I will read them again:

  • Action Comics New 52
  • Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow
  • War of the Supermen
  • Earth One
  • Man of Steel
  • What's So Funny About Truth, Justice & The American Way

Boring, worthless:

  • For All Seasons
  • Kryptonite
  • Superman New 52
  • Up, Up and Away!
  • New Krypton
  • Secret Origin
  • Last Son
  • Brainiac
  • Birthright
  • Death and Life of Superman
  • Lex Luthor - Man of Steel
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You never liked brainiac? Anyway new 52 superman IMO has been anything but awesome since lobdell and rockafort came onto the title before that the stories in the title where meh. I can recommend the death do superman the one where he dies the other two parts of that storie just leave them.

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You might want to check out Kingdom Come. Amazing art, but this is definitely more Kal-El/Superman than Clark Kent/Superman, if you get what I mean.

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You didn't like Brainiac? It's one of my favorites :)

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Smallville Season 11...I can't recommend this title enough

Kingdom Come

Superman/Batman: Generations....this may not be for everyone but it's basically a story that shows Superman and Batman as they grow old, marry, have kids, grandkids, and so one

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Thanks for the suggestions, I did read Kingdom Come(In my top stories as well) but I haven't include it in my post, forgot to mention Smallville Season 11 too. But I'll check Superman/Batman, surely there is some issues I'll find worth keeping.

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  • Superman: Emperor Joker
  • Superman/Shazam!: First Thunder
  • Superman: Godfall
  • Superman: For Tomorrow
  • Hitman #34
  • Elliot S! Maggin & Cary Bates' run
  • Phantom Zone
  • Superman Adventures
  • Superman: Strength
  • Cary Bates The Last Family of Krypton
  • Superman 400
  • Alan Moore's Supreme
  • Swamp Thing/ Superman team up (written by Moore)
  • Morrison's JLA
  • Roberson's second arc of Grounded where he fixes all JMS' bullshit
  • Superman Last Son of Earth
  • Last Stand on Krypton
  • Chris Claremont's Whom Gods Destroy
  • Superman: Infinite City
  • Superman: A Nation Divided

If you like Morrison Superman

  • Osgood Peabody's Big Green Dream Machine
  • Animal Man #2
  • Doom Patrol #29
  • JLA Classified #1-3
  • JLA Earth 2
  • Superman Beyond

note: If you read For Tomorrow and don't mind listening to some music at the same time (non intrusive) that lends itself to the story then this should be it. Everyone I've recommended that to has enjoyed it and had some interesting thoughts on the story afterwards. Perhaps you, or anyone willing to reread For Tomorrow, might try it, (Starting on part 6 of the story) I HIGHLY recommend it.

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I'd suggest:

Kingdom Come (friggin brilliant)

Speeding Bullets (can be boring at times but definently worth a read)

Jla new 52

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