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how does Superman cut his hair??? ...kryptonite scissors?

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Good question its most likely his hair doesn't grow he said himself its hard as steel when he mopped a wooden floor and it came out with no scartches but the same questin can be asked for wolverine if he heals so when you cut his hair should it stay the same size or even grow longer??

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Yeah it's kinda weird. I wonder if the writers really have an explaination or if it is actually a loop-hole in his story. I gotta stop watching Smallville reruns. I keep noticing little things like that and their messing with my mind.

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maybe its a wig and he's really bald like Lex Luthor! :)

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I know he shaves using his heat vision and a mirror.

But when it comes down to it, most don't really care.

That's like why the Hulk was able to keep his purple pants.

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A barber is out of the question. I've seen the heat vision somewhere. Maybe another solution would be scissors with a little bit of kryptonite, which is the same color of light blue as the liquid that has all those combs in those weird barber shop containers.

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I'm just gonna say he's bald and wears a wig... now I wont be able to keep a straight face when I look at him... :)

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In the early (Silver Age) Pre-Crisis Superman stories,Superman cut his hair and fingernails using his heat vision.He uses a Kryptonian metal(From his spaceship) that was strong enough to deflect his heat vision to do so.

(Pre-Crisis) Silver Age Superman also possesed a Kryptonian metal from Krypton,Kryptium.Kryptium is supposed to be the strongest metal in the universe that it can even cut through Superman's skin.Superman probably use this metal to shave. As for the Post-Crisis Superman,here is a link to show you how he shaves.

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I don't usually mind how he does it, remember he is still an alien so maybe his genetics allow him to grow his hair to a limit. I read about Superman's aura of invulnerability in The Man of Steel:

         While the pre-Crisis Superman's costume was invulnerable (as a result of being made from the blankets in the rocket that brought him to Earth), the post-Crisis Superman's costume was made of ordinary material. But while the cape often became ripped and torn (or even completely destroyed on occasion) for dramatic effect, the rest of the costume was usually left untouched. It was later explained that the post-Crisis Superman's body generated an invisible "aura" that surrounded him and contributed to his invulnerability. Objects held close to him, such as his costume, were protected from harm; his cape, meanwhile, could easily sustain damage in battle. The Superman S-shield is an original design by Clark and Jonathan.

So maybe grows long enough that it extends the range of his aura so he could cut it off a little at the top.

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this is HOW

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KnightlyVengence says:

"how does Superman cut his hair??? ...kryptonite scissors?"

Heat vision, same way he shaves


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KnightlyVengence says:

"maybe its a wig and he's really bald like Lex Luthor! :)"

Funny,he used that as an excused before.

Watch the part from 05:50 to 06:08.

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