Pre-Order 'Man of Steel' Superman Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles

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Sideshow Collectibles. You know they put out some awesome merchandise. They've been teasing the release of a Superman premium format figure from Man of Steel the last few days. Some new details have been released, including the pre-ordering info and price.

Sideshow Collectibles doesn't mess around when it comes to these figures. You get an incredible amount of detail. So incredible, it's sometimes a little eerie how lifelike they look.

The Man of Steel figure will be available in limited quantities beginning in March 2014. It has a height of 21.5" How much will it cost you? $379.99. Monthly payment plans are available.

You can find the pre-order info and more images HERE. I'll just sit back and drool over how cool this looks.

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That looks so awesome and I do not have that much money to spend. Regret going on this thread now, I blame you @g_man

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my Wallet just shuddered....but damn that looks awesome!,lets see its either the ps4 or this, man this is gonna be tough

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...on my shelf. day.

#5 Posted by EnigmaLantern (707 posts) - - Show Bio

@k4tzm4n said:


...on my shelf. day.

Either this, or I'll attempt at making one solely from Playdough... Challenge Accepted

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Nah you're alright.

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To the street corner I go!

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that's a thing of beauty

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His body/chest shape looks a little strange.

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Those figures are amazing,but I see alot of us probably would agree the price is quite high. I could buy it if I don't eat or buy gas! lol

#11 Posted by Z3RO180 (6250 posts) - - Show Bio

I want it :D

#13 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6885 posts) - - Show Bio

So much detail! Sadly though I'd have nowhere to put him in my house :/

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#15 Posted by Spartan101 (2278 posts) - - Show Bio

just cant help but not like that outfit,,im trying,,but..

#16 Posted by Jonny_Anonymous (32192 posts) - - Show Bio

Dat cash.......

#17 Posted by Shallbecomeabattoo (363 posts) - - Show Bio

Preordered him a few weeks ago. I also preordered the premium format Batman and Punisher they do. Cannot wait!

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