New Action Comics #1 Cover Reveals Superman's New 'Old' Look [Updated]

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When we started seeing the images to the "New 52" relaunch and the different redesigns some of the characters will be undergoing, Superman ended up with two different look. For the Superman title by George Perez, we did see an update to his costume, most noticeably a lack of shorts on the outside. The cover to Grant Morrison's Action Comics gave us a different look, a cape, Superman t-shirt along with jeans and boots. What could this mean?

I mentioned on a podcast that perhaps the stories in Action Comics would be telling the early tales of Superman, hence the more farmboy-ish look. Is that something Grant Morrison would be put in charge of? Looks like now we have an answer.

Early this morning, the New York Post unveiled the actual cover to Action Comics #1 (seen here to the right). According to Grant Morrison, "This is a young Superman who still believes a better world for everyone is possible." It is mentioned that Morrison will be chronicling the Man of Steel's days as the world's first superhero.

It's also mentioned that the series will focus on his status as a street-level defender of ordinary man and woman as well showing how Clark got his iconic costume.

It looks like this could mean more down-to-Earth stories involving a younger Superman. It doesn't sound as if they'll be referring to him was Superboy. After reading All Star Superman, we know Grant is perfectly capable of writing great stories involving Superman in Smallville. It will be interesting to see what kind of threats he faces if this is during a time when he's the world's first superhero. Will there be other super-villains around? We'll find out in September.


DC's The Source reveals some more information that is going to upset some readers.

== TEASER ==
In the pages of ACTION COMICS, writer Grant Morrison and artist Rags Morales will present humanity’s first encounters with Superman, before he became one of the World’s Greatest Super Heroes. Set a few years in the past, it’s a bold new take on a classic hero.
* This Superman is very much an alien, one struggling to adjust to his adopted home. In the series, he must come to terms with both the loss of his home world, as well as the loss of both of his adopted parents. He is more Kal-El from the planet Krypton than Clark Kent from Kansas. He’s a loner trying to find his place in the world.
* The series’ first storyline will explore the origins of Superman’s costume, as it evolves from a look that includes jeans and work boots to a new look: a suit of battle armor that pays tribute to his Kryptonian past.
* His great powers have limits. When the series begins, Superman can leap tall buildings, but his ability to fly is in its infancy.
And in the SUPERMAN ongoing comic book series, by writer George Perez and artist Jesus Merino, will be set in present day continuity and will unleash a series of new challenges for Superman and his alter ego Clark Kent.
* Clark Kent is single and living on his own. He has never been married.
* Lois Lane is dating a colleague at the DAILY PLANET (and his name isn’t Clark Kent) and she has a new position with the paper.
Timeless and modern, classic and contemporary, but younger, brasher and more brooding, this is Superman. The New Man of Tomorrow.

Before people grab their pitchforks over the marriage being nonexistent, I suggest reading the first few issues first to see if it matters.

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#1 Posted by Fhiz (731 posts) - - Show Bio

I think the original, I guess "not real" cover looked a bit better.

#2 Posted by VanAce (142 posts) - - Show Bio

Sounds interesting. Grant is a great writer so he shouldn't stuff it up.

#3 Posted by Chane (557 posts) - - Show Bio

Not a fan of the small cape on this, but like how it resembles Superboy's later costume from (do we have a term yet?) DcOld.

#4 Posted by Aiden Cross (15726 posts) - - Show Bio

Looks like a cross between Superboy and Superman =)

#5 Posted by Marshal Victory (692 posts) - - Show Bio
@Chane said:

                Not a fan of the small cape on this, but like how it resembles Superboy's later costume from (do we have a term yet?) DcOld.

1st thing i thought as well.Looks more like a cheep teen superman halloween costume.Still worried over this reboot.Will watch From the peanut gallery an hope for the best.
#6 Posted by Benzo (642 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm really looking forward to reading this!  I hope Grant Morrison won't let me down!

#7 Posted by azza04 (1578 posts) - - Show Bio

I don't really like it, but if the story is good I will happily tolerate it.

#8 Posted by spider-man 2996 (726 posts) - - Show Bio
@Benzo said:
I'm really looking forward to reading this!  I hope Grant Morrison won't let me down!

Same here.
#9 Edited by Vitality (1831 posts) - - Show Bio

....and you thought briefs over spandex looked ridiculous. 
Let's top that with boots, jeans, t-shirt and a small cape. 
Absurd is the first word that comes to mind.
#10 Posted by longbowhunter (8489 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm no dyed in the wool Superman fan, so his retcon I'm really not bothered by. I think the suit fits the situation, I get it. I read somewhere else that Grant Morrison is taking parts of Bruce Springsteen's persona and making it Clark's. Interesting!
#11 Posted by Darthtravis (76 posts) - - Show Bio

How many different ages of Superman are we going to see in the DCnU?  We have Action Comics where he will presumably make his first appearance in Metropolis as the Man of Steel.  Looks like he is about the same age as Clark in "Superman: Earth One".  In the Justice League book he will be forming the first super-hero team with Bats, etc.  which means he will need to be several years older as he is no longer the world's only superhero.  In "Superman" by Perez it seems like he will be even older still.  Is this going to confuse readers?  It will clearly preclude some books from being a part of a big crossover.  

#12 Posted by The Mighty Monarch (3658 posts) - - Show Bio

What the hell is this crappy generic cover? The cover that apparently wasn't the cover that they had before was MUCH better. It even looked a tad bit like the original Action Comics #1, I thought that was the point, but this cover is mediocre.

#13 Posted by G-Man (39042 posts) - - Show Bio

@longbowhunter: I've seen the Springsteen mention as well. Wouldn't that be better suited for Flash?

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#14 Edited by AMS (1357 posts) - - Show Bio
The beginning of the end for Grant Morrison as a writer.
#15 Edited by Darthtravis (76 posts) - - Show Bio

This also means that Batman's age is going to fluctuate to some degree; at the bare minimum Batman in Justice League #1 will be younger than Batman in the Detective, etc.  The same is likely true for Hal Jordan.  I am very interested to see how DC tells these stories and connects the individual books in the DCnU even though they take place at different points in time. 

#16 Edited by fodigg (6209 posts) - - Show Bio

I also dislike the Atom Eve-style cape. 

#17 Posted by longbowhunter (8489 posts) - - Show Bio
Ha! Good point. Maybe everyone in the DCnU will have a little bit of the Boss in 'em.
#18 Edited by doordoor123 (3810 posts) - - Show Bio

Does anyone think that there will be a reason for the armor now? Maybe theres a reason his wardrobe changes. 
Maybe it helps him harness the sun's energy. Maybe he cant fly without it? Or without enough of the yellow sun's energy.
#19 Posted by webofthornns (676 posts) - - Show Bio

Glad this article came along, been trying to decide whether or not to put this on my pull list, i'm gonna pass on it
#20 Posted by darth bul (133 posts) - - Show Bio


#21 Posted by InnerVenom123 (29814 posts) - - Show Bio

That looks so painfully silly. 

#22 Posted by Kallarkz (3389 posts) - - Show Bio

strange...where are the 50 posters that complain about things they haven't read yet? Probably still too early. 
And I guess with everyone complaining for so many years that they wanted a change for Superman they didn't really mean they wanted him to change, they just wanted a change that wouldn't really change anything so things would look different but still be the same.

#23 Posted by Bestostero (5782 posts) - - Show Bio

The mini cape seems to be something that only girls look good in.

#24 Posted by N7 (13 posts) - - Show Bio

Man, I'm not digging that at all. I mean, it could be awesome, but it just looks... Odd. It's as if Batman wore a hoodie and sunglasses in a prequel to Batman. It's just kind of weird.

#25 Posted by The Stegman (28781 posts) - - Show Bio

as long as they don't call him "the red/blue Blur" then i'm ok

#26 Posted by ImperiousRix (1144 posts) - - Show Bio

I liked how the costume looked on the other cover, but MAN does that cape look silly in that cover.  He should just ditch it and go with the Superboy look.  Heck, we know Superboy's not gonna go with that look in the DC revamp, so just give it to Clark!

#27 Posted by maxicere (998 posts) - - Show Bio

I can't believe that people of DC play with Superman history. He's the first superhero, he's a world icon. I'm really angry. I really want to kick ass DC staff. I hope DC go to bankruptcy.

#28 Posted by SpidermanWins (4142 posts) - - Show Bio
@Aiden Cross said:

Looks like a cross between Superboy and Superman =)

That's exactly what I was thinking
#29 Posted by shawn87 (2797 posts) - - Show Bio

It would probably be better without the cape. Either way I'm stoked to begin reading

#30 Posted by elayem98 (486 posts) - - Show Bio

eww.  i have faith in morrison but ewww

#31 Edited by kennybaese (1206 posts) - - Show Bio

I'm fine with it. They're basically just taking Connor's current look with the jeans and t-shirt and farmboying it up a bit. Integrating some Springstein into the character would bring the character a bit more down to earth, but they need to lose the mini cape. It looks kind of dumb. All in all, I loved me some All Star Superman, which did a lot of getting down to the core of the Superman characters. This seems to be doing that as well, with some tweaks, and setting up the character as a more modern one.

EDIT: Also, is everyone except Jim Lee ignoring the new Superman logo? They all just look like the old one except for his.

#32 Posted by RedheadedAtrocitus (6958 posts) - - Show Bio

Interesting. Seems almost a mixture of Superboy as well as Golden Age Superman wrapped up into one. I'm glad Im buying this book now!

#33 Posted by johnny_spam (2182 posts) - - Show Bio

Remember last year when comicvine on this site asked what would be the fate of Dick Grayson? Morrison answered he is shot in the head. As it turned out that happened but not in a straight way and he survived.
Morrison's comics are packed with details and twists with so much going on just because Superman is wearing normal clothes does not mean it is all Morrison will do with Superman.

#34 Posted by mesosteros (149 posts) - - Show Bio

What's up with the blanket? Oh wait... that's a cape? -_- I don't like where this is going...

#35 Posted by U R Sofa King We Todd Did (1168 posts) - - Show Bio
@Chane said:
Not a fan of the small cape on this, but like how it resembles Superboy's later costume from (do we have a term yet?) DcOld.
DClassic and much like coca cola it will be back 
#36 Posted by kfhrfdu_89_76k (4697 posts) - - Show Bio

Awesome that they`re keeping part of the traditional design. The costume itself is okay. 

#37 Posted by ArtisticNeedham (2480 posts) - - Show Bio

I trust him, loved Allstar Superman a lot.  But I am just not sure about a single Superman.  Does that mean it will be like Allstar?  Where we see their relationship start or will it be like Spider-man where we have no idea what will happen and he may end up with someone else completely.  I didn't want a single Superman but it the revamp of Superman in DC's new revamp turns out to be a relaunch where they are starting from ground zero pretty much, a young Superman, then he would sort of have to be single I guess.
Still not sure about that.

#38 Posted by nadral (21 posts) - - Show Bio

Yeah, I can roll with this for a while. But I feel like the books HAVE to get to the same time period eventually, or DC has to change the way they write events. 
Also, new cover is fine, but the 1st one was more worthy of being called  Action Comics #1

#39 Posted by sesquipedalophobe (4907 posts) - - Show Bio

If Superman had started out completely costumeless, I would have been fine with that. This just looks funny.

#40 Posted by Grim (2185 posts) - - Show Bio

This i can handle. Nod's to Conner's awesomeness are always appreciated, and thats whats going on here.

#41 Posted by Gambit1024 (10217 posts) - - Show Bio

He'd look better without the cape. With it, and no tights, he just looks silly. 

#42 Posted by Primmaster64 (21663 posts) - - Show Bio


#43 Posted by Aeroman (541 posts) - - Show Bio
@Chane: i think the term would be pre-launch
#44 Posted by leokearon (1939 posts) - - Show Bio

Sounds like Smallville if it was written by Morrison
#45 Posted by quiksilver70777 (69 posts) - - Show Bio

the art just looks stupid.

#46 Posted by They Killed Cap! (2268 posts) - - Show Bio

Not a fan

#47 Posted by Sekele (297 posts) - - Show Bio

Considering that this is a temporary costume, thrown together by a farmer who just arrived in the big city, it looks pretty good.  
It definitely gets the point across.  
It looks exactly like something a person with Clark's background would assemble on the go, and evolve over time.  
What makes me sick is all these naggers that started swarming here, who would like nothing more than see DC and Grant Morrisson dead and gone, simply because this TEMPORARY design isn't their cup of tea.  
Seriously, these losers deserve a good beating.  
(and people wonder why nerds are being bullied)

#48 Posted by sora_thekey (8640 posts) - - Show Bio

So... Smallville

#49 Posted by Primmaster64 (21663 posts) - - Show Bio
@sora_thekey: The kents are dead.
#50 Posted by GraveSp (335 posts) - - Show Bio

I will say that this is the first Superman book I will be getting pulled for me, specifically because of Grant Morrison.  After all this time on Batman and Joe the Barbarian and going back and reading his older stuff I never picked up I trust him to write any story.  Especially after the great job he did on All Star Superman.  

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