NCI Comic Shorts - The Adventures Of Superman (Sims 2 Edition)

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Hi. I have a Sims 2 comic shorts series that I'd like to share with you, based on that popular known hero with the strength of steel and ability of flight, Superman! You can read about it by clicking the cast photo below.

Hope you all like the shorts. It all started from my Magazine mod seen here:

And the mission is to create 25 issues. So enjoy. If you have any questions or comments, please e-mail me at Thanks.

Type the link here to view the comic shorts:

The Adventures of Superman, Sims 2 Edition, Digital Comic Book Issues. Superman created by Jerry Seigel &; Joe Shuster. © 1938-2013. This Sims 2 version of Superman created by d_dgjdhh. Year 2011. Written in 2012-2013. No challenge to ownership implied. Created for non-commercial personal entertainment.

Also, if you play The Sims 2 (still), like me (again, still, after all these years, lol), you could check out my other Superman objects for download, like this uniform on ModTheSims as seen at this link:


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Hi again. Just wanted to post an update, a special event occurred, you can read more about it in my journal here @

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