My thoughts on Superman and the making of a good comic for him

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A lot of people like to make the argument that Clark Kent is the disguise for Superman, Superman is the disguise for Clark Kent, and that both are actually disguises for the real Clark or Kal-El. Well really, there is no right answer for that. My reason for that being that comic books don't have the same writer for all time, writers go in, tell their story, get out, and set up for the next writer to come in, so there is never just one interpretation for who is who for the character Superman. So here's the genius in all of that: in a Superman comic, or any comic in-particular, there is a main character, a main villain and a supporting cast. For Superman, Superman can either fall into the main character slot, or move over into the supporting cast to make room for Clark as the main character. Clark's a journalist, and if you asked any journalist they'll tell you it's not all about listening to someone talk and then type it down, sometimes you have to fight to get the truth, a good example of that being Lois Lane. Personally, I would really like to see Clark taking center stage to get to a story and then bring in Superman just to get some action in (tastefully of course). Now since we're on supporting cast, why not have a really good sub-plot for the cast? In The Flash we see so many sub-plots it's not even funny, and look how good that works! Why not instead of just having a little dialogue here and a thought bubble there that we get more in-depth with the supporters that could spice up the issue? And then there's also this goldmine of story's you could tell about Krypton and the aliens that were involved with them (which we saw in Superman Earth One). You don't need to try to make up a human super villain that gets powers if you can go into Superman's heritage. I don't know, that's just my opinion...

Leave comments to let me know what you would like to see in a Superman comic.

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I want Parasite back, dammit.

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I still want to see Intergang I find them interesting.

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I like the Helspont angle. WIth all the Daemonite stories vanishing, perhaps having him deal with them. Not to mention Helspont has to be the coolest character out of Wildstorm

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One thing they need to stop doing is to make some of his villains less one dimensional being evil for the sake of it. It does happen from to time. Batman villains can get away with it since they are considered insane.

Remember the Brainiacs being organic and turn thing into pure energy. They were in earth 3 they seem to be interesting new faction of Brainiacs. What if you have one like the Borg from Star Trek? They are united across the universe and can give that host intelligence boost for the situation. Boom, there is your excuse of Cassandra Cain learning Navajo. The Braniac downloaded it to her. That would mean all those Deathstroke gave the mind control drugged also connect them with Brainac energy being which he did not notice.

Go more detail of the Shadow Zone. Mala never wanted to return there how about when she got out she acts like persons out of jail. I would like see she her under red sunlight prison and she talk to superman of giving her information on krypton for having good behavior. She would make a great side character not villain a person trying reform. She dresses like a solder and she has knowledge on krypton.

Toyman can be toying with his doll Darci in torture methods. She gets killed several ways in order to test his toys. She remembers all her deaths. He figure since building girl friend does not work make her guinea pig or for other uses. As I said she is his play thing but he like to kill her for his fun use. Think in a matter of Mr. Bill.

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