Mark "Ultimates / Wanted" Millar writes the new Superman?

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yeah... seriously...

Mark Millar...

this god of comic writing will be writing the new Superman movie...

finally, some fking good news about this project...

In the last few years, writers offering to write projects for free (or at least severely reduced rates) has become more common, with the most recent (until now) being Steve (3 Days of Night) Niles, who claimed he’d write the Hulk for free at Marvel.

Today, with news that Superman Returns screenwriters Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris won’t return for the sequel, reportedly leaving Warner Bros. searching for pitches, another writer has chucked his hat into the “free” ring – Mark (Ultimates, Wanted) Millar.

And he’s already started the ball rolling, according to a post by the creator on his website:

It's 8.58am right now, my guys at CAA get into the office in about seven hours and my call will be waiting for them to talk about this. I want to revamp Superman like Hillary wants thin ankles. Revamping this franchise is what I as given fingers for and so, invited or not, I'm putting my plan together now. I've been asked to work on half a dozen screenplays lately, but this is the only one I have ever truly wanted.

As most here know, I have literally hundreds of pages of notes and sketches just waiting for this opportunity. This would be my dream gig and, as a fan, I know exactly what this project needs to work. This has to be Superman for the 21st Century, keeping everything we adore, but starting from scratch and making the kids love it as much as the 30-somethings. I would honestly write this thing for free.

Anyway, my treatment is being polished as we type. Wish me luck. I want to do that Superman movie we all want to see.

Millar has made no secret of the fact that he’s long wanted to write a or any Superman comic for DC, with his Ultimates collaborator Bryan Hitch on art, however, due to his continued working relationship with Marvel and allegedly due to some of his more controversial comments about DC, there has been no progress on that front.

Millar’s “starting from scratch” comment in regards to a sequel has some basis in the Hollywood rumor mill which Variety claims says that the studio will essentially pull a Hulk onSuperman Returns, that is, ignore or seriously downplay elements from Brian Singer’s movie (itself a “sequel” to Superman II), and start fresh, which is what Marvel is doing with it’s upcoming sequel to Ang Lee’s Hulk. Doing so would allow the franchise to jettison some of the trickier elements of the film, such as Superman’s son.

While the trade says that’s what the industry chatter is, it also dismisses the same rumors, reporting that Warner Bros. denies such plans, and that the Superman Returns sequel will be a sequel in the traditional sense of the word, most likely with Brandon Routh returning in the title role.

Regardless of the form the prospective film will take, we’re sure Millar will keep us updated on his progress. Millar and Hitch's next comic work will be a run on Marvel's Fantastic Four, beginning with issue #554, now scheduled for February


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OMFG i am speechless. i will watch this time around i watched the first half an hour of superman returns before falling asleep

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I love Red Son! He best write it!

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I liked his Swamp Thing run, then kind of forgotten about him until recently. Really liked Wanted and Unfunnies (and other stuff I can't remember at this moment)

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I wonder how this would've worked out.

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@allstarsuperman said:

I wonder how this would've worked out.

Normally I'd be mad at you.... but he did write Red Son

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@saint_wildcard: were lex was a good guy.....and superman was a commie ..... I think he wrote some animated series comics I want to read them to see how he handled it.

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