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I really like the Batman and Son era Batman, the first arc of Astonishing X-Men, Batman: The Long Halloween, Weapon X, and those kind of comics. I like stuff that's a bit gritty and dark. I've never read any Superman comics before, and was wondering which ones I would like and which ones I should start with. I've read all the classic Uncanny X-Men and stuff like that and love them, but I might love them just because of nostalgia.

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  • All Star Superman
  • Superman: Birthright
  • Superman for All Seasons
  • Superman: Man of Steel (I think it's called that. If not look for the John Bryne mini series)
  • The New 52 Action Comics (A great place for new readers to start reading Superman)
  • For Tomorrow (It's a darker Superman tale)
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And to follow that, Superman 13 of the new DC 52 onwards.

If you like them you might like Superman: Red Son.

There are some gritty stories for Superman, not all are good. Action Comics 775.

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@Supreme Marvel: Oh nice suggestion. I've been meaning to hunt Action Comics 775 down. It's one of my all time favourite Superman stories.

@UncleEmu: Also Superman Secret Origin is another suggestion

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@Lvenger: You can get 775 on comixology. Its a great read.

@UncleEmu: Try Superman Earth One as well.

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I think you should start with Superman: Earth One. If you liked it, Vol. 2 came out this week.

And if you liked those two, I recommend:

  • The Man of Steel
  • Superman: For All Seasons
  • Superman: Birthright
  • Action Comics #775
  • Superman: Last Son
  • Superman and the Legion of Super Heroes
  • Superman: Brainiac
  • Superman and the Men of Steel (and the rest of The New 52's Action Comics)

And last but not least: For the Man Who Has Everything, Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow? and All Star Superman, which are stories you'll like more once you get a liking of Superman.

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You should read the new 52 series. Action comics has been awesome and superman got really good with issue 13

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The New 52 Action Comics is a good place to start. If you want to get into the main Superman title of the New 52, don't bother with anything prior to issue 13.

In 2013 there's a new Superman title being launched by Scott Snyder and Jim Lee. From everything that's been revealed about it so far, it sounds like it will definitely be to your liking.

Other than that, pretty much what everyone else has said here.

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@UncleEmu Skip EVERYTHING that takes place before the New 52. Trust me on this, you're wasting your time. Read anything and everything with Superman in the New 52, but skip over everything before.

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@UncleEmu: I think Superman: Earth One it's a great book with a very cinematic approach to the origin of the character. Highly recommended.

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@UncleEmu: All-star Superman is the best superman book but its not dark. superman isnt a dark character so you wont find very many gritty stories. But, the darkest one that i can think of is For Tommorow

superman:Secret Origin is a good take on superman's origin

in The new 52 Action Comics is a good series to read. if you want to read Superman start at issue 0 and then jump to issue 13 these are the ones written by scott lobdell every issue before those suck.Dont listen to @TheCannon: deep down he is a superman hater. some of superman's best stories were pre-flashpoint.

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@UncleEmu: Superman Secret Origin by Johns/Frank is a great place to start

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