#1 Posted by kgb725 (9370 posts) - - Show Bio

how strong is he compared to other people of his race

#2 Posted by chocobojam (288 posts) - - Show Bio

Probably just the same. As far as I know, he doesn't have any DNA augmentation or any physical or mental experimentation done to him by his father.

#3 Posted by Icarusflies (12762 posts) - - Show Bio

He's generally stronger only because he's been exposed to yellow sunlight for longer. He can retain this energy so he doesn't lose all his powers immediately when the sunlight is blocked for whatever reason.

#4 Posted by ThanosIsMad (2264 posts) - - Show Bio

Considering that Superman is well built, he'd likely be stronger than a Kryptonian of average build based on that factor alone, even if they both spent 30 years soaking up solar energy.

#5 Posted by CptPanda29 (218 posts) - - Show Bio

He should be about as strong, heroics should keep him well above average though - depending on who showed up he might get beaten as he's not a trained fighter, think it was All-Star Superman had two Kryptonian "Soldiers" kick his hair out... long time since I read it.

#6 Posted by SavageDragon (2257 posts) - - Show Bio

Probably a little above normal. Plus hes been soaking up Solar energy for 30 years so if Zod or other Kryptonians came to our solar system Superman would have way more solar energy in his system.

#7 Posted by guttridgeb (4881 posts) - - Show Bio

The only way he is above average for a Kryptonian under a yellow sun is his intellect.

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