Is Superman susceptible to high frequency sounds?

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Superman has super hearing, does that make him susceptible to high frequency sounds? Can he be subdued by soundwave cannons or by simply shouting in his ear? I guess this is not the case as he takes explosions to the face on a daily basis, but I'm still curious. Someone once said that Superman won't be affected by loud noise as his super hearing is actually a form of telepathy (as he is sometimes shown to be able to hear sounds on Earth from outer space which wouldn't otherwise be possible). Have different writers had different takes on this?

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@CannotSpellMyName: I doubt he would be affected by loud sounds as his ear drum's are just as invulnerable as he is

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He's been shown to take loud noises poorly. They can catch him off guard and hurt him quite a bit. There was actually a scene once with Wonder Woman in which they were both in pain from a loud noise and she said something to the affect of, "If it's this bad for me, I can only imagine how much it hurts him!" (meaning Supes.)

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yes it will work, but make sure you have the element of surprise. It will hurt him big time, but it will only hold him off.

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He ain't susceptible to nagging.

Edit: I meant he IS susceptible. My bad.

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Sometimes it has been shown to catch him off guard and stun him. Because his hearing range can increase or decrease depending on how far he needs to hear (i'm guessing) his ears would quickly adjust their sensitivity to loud sound vibrations.

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His hearing powers are stupid anyway. He can hear sounds from lightyears away. Yeah cause sounds are suddenly faster than light.

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If canary screams in superman ears while he is focusing on his super hearing. That might KO him. The fun thing about superman is that there is variety ways to take the guy down, but you just have to play it smart. This is also why Lex gives superman trouble sometimes.

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