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If you were given the chance to redesign Superman's suit, how would you go about doing so? Please include a picture, regardless of artistic abilities (as you can see from my sketch, I have very little, and absolutely cannot draw faces or hands).

My Superman suit is a fusion of the Action Comics jeans and tee-shirt appearance and Superior's costume.

The most noticeable redesign is to the "S" insignia, which is now bronze with bronze trim against a gold backdrop. The "S" itself has a more art-deco feel to it. Part of the cape attaches to the "S" shield, while the other part is attached to a medallion fused to the shirt (in order to keep the cape from flying off at high speeds). He wears a "champion" belt, again with two-tone bronze and gold, with an eagle emblem prominent on it (this should look more like the eagle from the Presidential Seal). Not shown are his brown leather combat boot, worn outside of his jeans (but only going up about halfway to his knees). Lastly his collar, which is part of the shirt (itself skin-tight and not cotton), is identical to that of Superior's.


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I prefer to do Superman like Batman with super powers or Iron Man with super powers. The costume will be like that of Iron Man with face covered, made of Inertron, full of kryptonian technology and weapons which can kill other other Kryptonians if needed. Costume will have built in computer which can navigate space and open space warps for easy space travel similar to the mother box boom tube of New Gods. Since Kalibak has a mace and Wonder woman has greek super weapons, I would give Superman maybe a adjustable Inertron stick like Chinese mythology Monkey King with Krypton kung fu. Superman can have a space ship since sometimes he needs to take passengers.

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I've though of something even better than my original post. This is my character from Champions Online. Remove the helmet, add a red cape, and place a bronze "S" insignia on the breastplate and you have the perfect new costume for Superman (keep the "champion" belt from Superior also). The back story could be that Diana gifts him armor forged by Hephaestus for their anniversary which grants him immunity to magical attacks, and he begins wearing it over his Action Comics jeans and t-shirt.

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I think a bronze color helmet and armor with blue pants should look ok on Superman.

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The current costume is perfect in every way. Any other design would be a step back.

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@TheCannon: I completely agree.

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