How would you have Superman meet Superboy in the New 52 ?

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For me i would have Superman find the teen titans and ask to talk to superboy privetly so they both fly off into the sky to talk onc thy are far in the sky superboy readys him self just incase superman attacks (He readys up because this is the first time they have meet so he does not know what superman reaction to him will be) Superman notices this and assures him he is not here to fight him but only to talk and get to know his clone. Superboy agrees but is stil causes and they start to talk. Superman does not start by talking about himslef instead he asks superboy how he was created and who created him.Superboy then tells superman every thing about how he was created, Who created him , how he meet and teamed up with the titans, and how he and the titans defted nowhere.Before super can aswer both him and superboy hear a sream and they rush down to find a team of metas attacking a bank so they team up to defeat the rough meta humans. After a shot fight Superman looks over to superboy and says he did good but noties that superboy has a cut across his chest and a rip in his costume superman asks him if he is all right to witch he relpys that he heals fast and that his suit will repair itself in time. Superman then asks how fast superboy he can fly and how far up he can go superboy smilies and say far so the both go to supermans sapce staion.While They are both on the station Superman tells Superboy about Kryton and how he came to earth and him being raised by the Kents and his early adventues as superman and how he got his costume and space staion. He then give Superboy a set of Krytonian armour sice superboy isnt as ''invurnable'' as him then Superman asks him if if he has a name to whitch superboy replys with no. Clark then asks if there is a name that he likes to witch superboy says Connor. Clark the says ''Conner Kent..has a nice ring to it'' superboy is a bit confused then relizes that superman is accepting him into his family so he rushes over and hugs sups saying thank you cause he was worried incase superman didnt acceppt. Superman then says ''Always wated a little brother''

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Really no one ??

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Maybe Superboy gonna ask for his help,because he lose control for his powers or Harvest implant a microchip his body,to take him back

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thts pretty good but doubt supes will reveal everything abt himself (his secret identity the kents etc.)the first time they meet tht might take sum time.

#5 Posted by Z3RO180 (6302 posts) - - Show Bio

@UltimateSMfan: yea guess your right but still i think its about high time they meet casue noe the brother relashoship they had pre flashpoint can make a bit more sence since supes is like what 25 - 26 instead of like in his 40s.

#6 Posted by UltimateSMfan (1365 posts) - - Show Bio

@Z3RO180: true. waitin fr that to happen too,they teased a potential crossover between the super books but dont think thts happenin now :(

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@UltimateSMfan: well they need to do it cause they did it to batman and compared to supes he sucks.

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I'm still waiting on that promised Superman family crossover. It never happened this summer, probably due to Night of the Owls and that was supposed to be the first meeting between Superman and Superboy. By the way @Z3RO180: I like your way of introducing them. It's similar to the way I'd do it but with a few extra inclusions.

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@Lvenger: thanks dude :)

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@matchesmalone21: thats a good one.

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@Z3RO180: I might have Superboy go out of control due to a NOWHERE keyword still present in his subconscious that allows him to be controlled into causing destruction resulting in Superman arriving and the two duking it out. But aside from that it's pretty similar.

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I'd go with the Young Justice route where Superman is pretty much disgusted with Superboy's origins and all but ignores him for a while

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@Z3RO180: Thankks,buddy

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@matchesmalone21: np

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They 1st meet up probably end up in them fighting first but after while start to bond may take a while kinda like young justice where Superman take while get use to having a clone Cousin/Brother in Superboy kinda like see how fight Between them how Superboy Stacks against Superman

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@Zoch81: Not digging the whole youg justice thing thow but thats just me any way cool idea and your right a fight between the both of them would be cool.

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@Z3RO180: While it seems cool, I doubt it'd go like that,

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@Smart_Dork_Dude: Well hopefully they meet soon cause i think its a bit over due at this pouint cause supes already knows he has a clone.

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