How whould you have Super-man go all out on a fight and How.

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EDIT - forgot to say that its the new 52 supes.

For me i would have darksied attack earth again in the present day and fght the justice league but insted of of gainig the upper hand they start to lose then during the fight superman get thrown across the what ever city they are in lets say metroplis and knocked out and for the duration that he is knocked out te team start to get beatin up pretty badly then supes wakes up and sees both bat-man wonder-woman get zapped by the omega beams but insted of killing them some happens that saves them like the flash runs up and saves them but but superman doe not see this do to the fact that he has just regained conisnus any way after seeing what he thinks is his freinds death he goes into a frenzy and blitez darksied then is this rage supes completely lets go and starts to lay a beat down on darksied. During his assult on DS the flash is cheacking if both WW and bas are ok then they hear the noise from they battle so they all run to the scene and see both superman and darksied in a ferosus battle Then wonder woman wanting to help her freind gets her sword ready to jump in untill batman points out that supes in in a blind rage and might acidently hurt her so both bats and WW along with flash Hal and cyborg start to help civilian to make sure no one gets hurt in the battle. Eventually after a bloody battle battle darksied is on the ground in a pudle of blood not dead but close to it with a batterd and brushed superman standing over him then supes picks DS up with one had and with the other about to deliver the killing blow to this tyrant who has killed over a billion people on countless planets until he heras a sound then lowering his hand and droping DS he turns round to see his team mates alive and well (aside from the wounds they would have got) then bats starts to calm superman down and telling him that he cant kill DS because then he would be come like him then relizing this supes take the barely alive DS back to apokilps.

so tell me what you think and dount forget to post your own.

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Really no one posted yet??

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For the record the title of you thread doesn't make any sense.Doesn't make me want to read the OP.

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@Vance Astro: yea i relized that after i made the thread.

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