How long would it take Superman to clean up Gotham?

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#2 Posted by HughJass (375 posts) - - Show Bio

Choose the most accurate answer.

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He really cant really clean up Gotham. No matter how fast you put them in jail. Guys like the joker can break out anytime they want. But Gotham diffently would be safer

#4 Posted by azza04 (1492 posts) - - Show Bio

Not an easy one to answer, but yeah, Gotham would deffinetly be a safer place with the Man of Steel around.

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The normal boring criminals would be off the strret in the day but Batman's most intelligent Rouges would give the man of steel at least a week of headaches. It would be cool to see Arkham with alien tech though

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The problem with Gotham isn't the crime, it's the people. They're scared into corruption, the victims then in turn victimize other people. Superman can't fix that in a year.

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I don't see Superman cleaning it up, sure he could get rid of the flashier super criminals for a while. But Gotham is such a thriving economy for crime, that power vacuum would quickly fill. Sure the gangs may not directly war in the streets but it would still be there.

Now if you don't believe it, just check the thread for an rough estimate of organized crime in Gotham.

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Nightwing91 got a point, but the streets would be much safer

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About one week.

#10 Posted by Shamelesslysupportinaznballers (553 posts) - - Show Bio

Real world logic if there was indeed a Superman, a week to a month.

Comic Book Logic, never.

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@HughJass: LOL I love that video!
#13 Posted by Dracade102 (8126 posts) - - Show Bio

Probably about a week, depending on which cleaning supplies he uses and if anyone gets in his way...

#14 Posted by ThanosIsMad (2216 posts) - - Show Bio

As fast as he cleans up Metropolis.

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The streets wouldn't take long at all to clean. It's the inmates in that damn asylum that's the variable. After Supes cleans out the scum on the street in an hour or so, he should make it his first priority to secure the asylum to prevent any of the inmates from escaping. Get that Kryptonian technology to work!

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he is the hero Gotham deserve but not the one it needs

#17 Posted by The Stegman (26067 posts) - - Show Bio

about 20 minutes

#18 Posted by K1NG_D1P9Y (12 posts) - - Show Bio

A day ... MAXIMUM !!

#19 Posted by Obtrusive (1656 posts) - - Show Bio

problem is word has to spread around and permeate through the scum, and he would have to stay there permanently, since no one there can be trusted.

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it woult take probably as long as batman if not longer because batman villains arent't like his own villains they don't go on the street and start smashing things(besides Luthor) most of batman villains work from the shadows and you need evidence to bring them down

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Aside from the fact that he actually dislikes being in Gotham for any considerable time (by his own admission) he could physically fly around and collar every single criminal on the street in seconds sure... BUT!

Gothams problem is deeper than that, it's a psychological problem... he'd have to stay in Gotham every second of every day and he still couldn't cure it's "sickness".

Gotham as a city, as an entity is cursed (some would say literally), it's a deep ingrained darkness that people like Joker and Harvey Dent and all the rest are merely manifestations of.

Gotham is insane and Superman ain't no shrink.

It takes somebody who understands this intangible darkness that permeates the city to fight it, somebody who understands the city, who has seen first hand how Gotham can rip away your soul and devour everything you hold dear.

Gothams problems are not some muggers, a few pimps, not even super criminals... Gothams problem... is Gotham itself.

No amount of superspeed or heat vision is going to help.

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Can Superman have morals off?

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No one can clean up Gotham permantely. No hero can permantently clean up their city, the villians always come back, you can't stop them!

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to much detective work for superman. He couldnt handle dealing with real killer psychos as compared to his regular villians, bizarro and metallo

#25 Posted by superbatprime (130 posts) - - Show Bio

I recently reread No Mans Land... it pretty much answers this question.

All the superpowers in the world can't fix what's wrong with Gotham.

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he cant clean his own city where things are done in the open he cant fair better with places where its done in secret and sometimes without tons of evidence even if they are caught nothing happens to them.supes has a city with clean people in the law with a few crooked individuals turn it around with gotham.

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Besides, how long would it be until Gotham's super villains got hold of some Kryptonite...

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