How heavy are the Kryptonians?

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So heard somewhere that on Earth, that Kryptonians weight is far more then what their actual weight is. So how much do they all really weigh? Or is their weight, just their weight? I really just wanna know the weights of Superman, Krypto and Supergirl....or do they not weigh any heavier then what they actually weigh?

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This is a weird question to ask but I am intrigued to find out the answer

#3 Posted by TheCrowbar (4397 posts) - - Show Bio

@Wolfrazer: Don't know that's actually true. The old DC site had Superman weighing in at 195 (If memory serves right)

As for New52, we don't know.

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Read "The Physics of Superheroes" by James Kakalios. It covers everything, from Krypton's gravitational pull, to their weight, to the max force exerted by Supermans legs. One of the most interesting books I've ever read...and I actually learned stuff from it too!

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Powergirl is heavier than she looks.

#6 Posted by Wolfrazer (9293 posts) - - Show Bio

I kinda just wanna know the weight though, lol but i'll look into that.

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I would think that Earth Kryptonians use their natural born ability of flight to buoy their bodies so they appear to weigh the same as a normal human being. I've got no idea how to actually calculate their weight, nor all the circumstances that would result in a heavier weight, but I would imagine evolving on a planet in orbit around a red sun would cause greater weight than appears while on Earth. On Krypton, it wouldn't be noticeable.

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Revolving around a red sun has nothing to do with their weight. It is determined by what they are made of. I thought supes weighed only slightly more than a regular human of his build, but I don't remember the source if any.

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Their mass might be comparative to a similar sized human's. Weight is dependent on gravity, and I think what you heard was refering to the old canon that Krypton's force of gravity was so strong that on Earth a Kryptonian could levitate (read: flight). So (by my vaguely concluded) real world science, a Kryptonian's weight on Earth would have been much less than on Krypton; the same way that an astronaut weigh's less on our moon. Most recent canon, I believe, says that their flight is self-contained electromagnetic manipulation and fueled by energy from a yellow sun. So (by my vaguely concluded) vague conclusion, a Kryptonian probably has both mass and weight like an equal sized human. Otherwise, they wouldn't exert a lot of force when using their superstrength and such. This is all comic science, by the way.

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Since they live in a planet with much bigger gravity their density must be higher than humans

so a average kryptonian should be a lot heavier(mass wise) than a human.

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Superman weighs 225lbs thats HIS weight on Earth. Guy is rather on the large side of muscle I weigh 210lbs and I'm considered rather muscular at 6'4 and superman is around the same height as me so really the guy must be like a body builder to weigh that much at that height.

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