good story arcs.

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so whats a good super man story arc from 200 to now that i should read above all others...
and GO :)

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 200 or 2000? 
If 2000, then:
All-Star Superman 
Superman: Red Son 
Final Crisis: Superman Beyond 3-D
Superman: Last Son (was alright)  
Superman/Batman: Public Enemies 
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Superman: Birthright (Best Superman story)
Superman: Last Son (Pretty good, and Zod is in it)
Up Up And Away (Not bad, but not mind blowing either)
All-Star Superman (I wasn't as in to it as everyone else, so... meh)

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The two most recent arcs have been good.  
The Black Ring: Action 890-900 
Reign of Doomsdays: Action 900-904 (last one comes next week)

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Secret Origin.
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1: Red Son 
2: Kingdom Come  
3: All Star Superman 
4: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow   
5:For the Man who has Everything 
6: What's so Funny About Truth, Justice, and the American Way? 
(In that order)

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For Tomorrow isn't half bad and everything already mentioned.


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