Geoff Johns' Smallville Episodes Combined Into Movie 'Event'

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Ever since it was announced at San Diego Comic-Con that Geoff Johns was returning to write two episodes of Smallville, we've all been eagerly waiting.  According to Michael Ausiello at EW, those two episodes, "Society" and "Legends" will not be airing separately.  The CW is planning on packaging the Justice Society episodes as a two-hour movie event on January 29.  The episodes are set to feature Hawkman, Stargirl and Dr. Fate.
The CW execs felt they could "get more mileage out of combining them."  That does make some sense.  It feels a little gimmicky but by pumping this up as an "event," they're more likely to attract more viewers.  I'm sure we can expect to see some major promos for it as it approaches.  There's also the option of releasing this on DVD or Blu-ray the week after it airs (like FOX recently did with the two-hour event for 24 last November).
Do you like the idea of a Smallville 'event'?  Are you looking forward to Geoff Johns' two episodes?
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sounds good to me. I'm looking forward to it.

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I always like the idea of bringing in characters from the DC universe, seeing how they translate into live action so I would love to see this...but to be honest I still haven't started watching Season 9...I own all the first eight seasons but I need to watch Season 8 first to refresh my memory on what's going's all so different now

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I'd heard about Stargirl and Hawkman but somehow I missed announcement that Dr. Fate was gonna be on Smallville. This'll be good.

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im for it. Maybe it would push more people that see it to want Tom Welling as Superman in the movies
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I don't have a problem with this

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Johns is a mad man! A MAD MAN I SAY! but also a genius.

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Hell Yes... now that would be awesome  ! 

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I'm watching it. Considering how this series has been another attempt on a justice league would be interesting
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Great! This is all the Smallville I was going to watch anyway and now they bundled it all up in one easy to watch package.I know Micheal Shanks is Hawkman but does anyone know the actors for Stargirl and Dr. Fate?
Their names are Brittney Irvin (Stargirl) and Brent Stait (Dr. Fate)

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I think its badass that they are going to roll out two straight hours of the most highly anticipated Smallville episodes to come out of the last couple seasons. Cant wait.

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can i be in it

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Can't wait to see it. Wish they had Alan Scott instead of Doctor Fate though.
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im going to watch this.....
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If they do more of these... maybe they can do a 2-hour event where Clark goes with the Legion to the future!

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yea i think i would like to see more of these. the two episode story arcs are how they used to do most of the cartoons and have one big story arc bhind the whole thing
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YES its going to be aawwwwweesome

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All I can say is...I damn better see wings.

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i cant wait

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I'm looking forward to seeing it!!

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Hell yeah I like the idea of a Smallville event. It seems like Smallville is the only DC live media where we are getting are other favorite heroes that we probably won't see on the big screen like Zatanna or Hawkman. So yes to this :)
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@TheBug said:

All I can say is...I damn better see wings.


Already confirmed to be there
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I feel a lot better about a possible season 10 now! And Allison Mack looks awesome in that picture.

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Geoff Johns? I'm in.
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Interesting about the 2 hour event thing, Hawkman, Stargirl and Fate I knew about a month ago and posted about it in the Smallville thread ^ so I think this will be cool :)

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Seems like it'll be cool. Not a regular viewer of Smallville though. Watch it online when it's available or whenever.

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Just saw the trailer for this episode. You can see Dr. Fate, Sandman, and a green ring shaped like a lantern on someones finger (who could that be?)!

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