First Look Of Superman: Onbound

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Really looking forward to that. Liked that arc quite a bit. Just hope they won't change much. Little worried about how they are going to adapt Gary Frank's art style though. I think he did a great job there and generally he is one of my favourite artists. Can't say I was that excited of some pics of the animation thye showed but I will wait until it is released. As for the cast, it seems very good. And John Noble as Brainiac? That I really need to see.

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Its nice to see Matt Bomer finally play Superman in something.

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Looks awesome!

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This is going to be great.

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Matt Bomer is Superman?



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Youtube video was removed.

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It was huh?

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@SandMan_: why do people want to see him play superman so much ?

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@Z3RO180: The guy actually looks the part, and was going to be Superman in a JLA movie sometime ago.
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Some images

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Awesome. I liked that story and I'm glad to see that they're making an adaptation of it.

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I wonder if they will be married there.

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