Favorite incarnation of Superman in comics, television or film

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What is your favorite depiction of Superman from comics, television and film? If you had to pick one or two which would they be?

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Post-crisis pre-Falspoint Superman

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Not perfect but still cool.
Marvels Superman is probably my favourite though.
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I loved DCAU Superman, he made me really appreciate the character

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I know it sounds a bit cheesy, but Superman for the Animals.

The story starts with Superman reading through the thousands of pieces of mail that he gets sent every week. Some of the mail contains deepest thanks, many have selfish wishes and attempts to exploit Superman, and a few are actual attempts to contact Superman for help. Anyway, Supes gets this one piece of mail from a kid, and the rest of the story is basically this kids story.

Long story short, the kid gets involved with a class clown who turns out to be a budding sociopath. Pretty soon, the sociopath is killing off class pets, maiming guard dogs, and torturing animals for fun. It culminates with the sociopath dumping a cat into traffic, pictured above, and Superman who just happens to be passing by catches the cat, gives the kids a disapproving look, and flies on to avert another crisis. After seeing Superman's value for such a simple life, the main character tells his parents about this issue, and the kid goes off for some treatment. The letter sent to Superman is simply a thanks to Superman for giving him the courage to do the right thing. After Clark reads the letter, we waits on the side of the street until the kid passes by, says, "I'm proud of you," and then flied off before the kid can turn around.

I love how this simple story shows how Superman is great for the small things he does, not just the kicking of super-goons' asses. It also shows how Superman can inspire others to good.

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@ssejllenrad said:

Post-crisis pre-Falspoint Superman

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@ssejllenrad: That's my fav Superman incarnation too.

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@guardiandevil801 said:


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All Star and New Earth.

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Superman Beyond

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The Pre-Flashpoint one.

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Christopher Reeves
New Earth
All-Star Superman
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Post-Crisis/Pre-Flash Point Superman & the DCAU Superman.

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Post Crisis, especially the one in the Superman/Batman series 

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Superman the animated series

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Dcau superman and Also the one who had a mullet.

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i like superman to be powerful, but not to powerful and i really like all-star supermans power level. this story is what made me like superman

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Animated DCU Supes (namely Superman TAS, JL/JLU) are the only incarnations of the character I give a rat's wrinkly sack about.

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Silver Age Superman, All-Star Superman, and New 52's t-shirt and jeans Superman.

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    This one I like the most, reason being is from what I can remember he seemed to be really well balanced out and all that. The JL/JLU versions though are good too, I like all versions but the TAS one is my fav. 
Side note: Show was awesome.
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I know I'm probably in the minority on this one, but I really like Dean Cain's interpretation of Clark Kent in Lois and Clark. The reason being is that Clark is written and portrayed as an intelligent man, a good journalist and a great investigator. You could see how Lois could fall in love with Clark.

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While not my favorite, I really did enjoy Dean Cain's Clark but not really his Superman. New Earth is definitely my favorite though art wise, All-Star is my favorite powers wise.

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Chris Reeves Superman. (Sentimental reasons). New 52 Clark as grown on me as well.

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@ssejllenrad said:

Post-crisis pre-Falspoint Superman

Couldn't have said it better myself.

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@GunGunW: You could have said it better. By that I mean without the wrong spelling of "Flashpoint"... :D

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@Wolfrazer said:

This one I like the most, reason being is from what I can remember he seemed to be really well balanced out and all that. The JL/JLU versions though are good too, I like all versions but the TAS one is my fav. Side note: Show was awesome.

I agree. Batman was always my favourite, but S:TAS and JL/JLU made me like Superman a lot more.

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Red Son

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I like the elseworlds story where he was an alien monkey and knew martial arts and when he got angry he turned into a blonde and when it's full moon he turns into a big *ss ape.

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