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Could someone explain to me how Superman can lift huge objects such as cruise ship, airplane, or even move a planet without the objects buckling and breaking under the pressure? My gym partner shrugs 7 45pound plates on each side of a 45 pound bar thats 675 pounds and the bar bends so how can superman lift huge objects?

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The basic explanation is that he can extend his own personal barrier around the objects he's lifting thus allowing them not to crumble under their own weight.

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He is a comic book character.......don't over think it.

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The classic explanation is that he subconsciously encases objects in a telekinetic field when he lifts them, preventing them from crumbling under their own weight.  Not sure if this is canon to the DCnU though.

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Thank guys been buggin me for awhile

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@cattlebattle said:

He is a comic book character.......don't over think it.

Exactly. Or else you could start wondering why the Hulk can spontaneously create hundreds of pounds of mass, or how Cyclops doesn't blow out the back of his skull, or how do certain characters fly without 'logical' explanations, or any other characters abilities that don't make sense

. . . it just does

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Also, the bar your friend uses is not made for that much force. Airplanes are a bit more sturdy than that.

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@cattlebattle said:

He is a comic book character.......don't over think it.

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