does the new 52 have reading order?

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i mean, from the moment it came out i'm looking for a proper reading order for the series the i read but find nothing?

i'v read lots of comic books and only when the new 52 started i found the need for a reading order that doesn't appear toe exist.

why there isn't one in the dc comics site?

...make me miss even the sh*ttest mangas - not just the need for reading order, but all the mess in the new 52 story lines!

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@yotaman: First read action comics 1-8 and after that start anywhere you want!

I recommend reading everything from Action comics

and issue 13+ from Superman

See easy wasn't it

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The reading order is read them as they come out, I think they just assume everyone is going to read everything and has been since the beginning. At least it's easy to figure out what came out at the same time since they all have the same numbering.

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thanks but i'm not just talking about superman. i talk about all of the new 52 in general. they all seem to collide at some point, for example, now that i read the ravagers #6 there is a reference to animal man and swamp thing which both i didn't read and don't want to start but now need in order to understand one piece of info in the ravagers #6 page 9 sixth panel... -_-

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Almost every title is it's own thing so you can start from issue 1 of any series. Some titles have crossovers like animal man and swamp thing. But you don't have to read both to enjoy the story.

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there is 'no' reading order to be honest...if you are talking about a particular event such as the current 'h'el on earth' or 'death in the family' crossover events,then you can find the reading order on this site.....if you have any problem,just search e.g"H'el on earth" and you should get the reading order for the event...hope it helped.

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ok. thanks guys. for now i think i'll manage.

tho, still feel bad it's not simple as mangas are.

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Not a reading order as such, but this page gives an overview of all the New 52 comics across all 7 groups and 4 waves. Also gives an indication as to what titles are in what crossovers. I hope this helps Nick

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Start with Action Comics and Justice League.

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