Does Superman still have telekensis powers?

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In superman 2 and 4, we saw Superman use some new powers, particularly telekensis, Zod did it too, but I can't say I've seen him use it in the comics. Supergirl defeated a terminator using telkensis in a series too. Does the new 52 superman still have these abilities, or was it generally just a film thing. If he does, it rather makes him the ultimate all round weapon!

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He doesn't have telekinesis. The extent of his mental superpowers is mostly just incredibly strong mental walls, protecting him from telepathic attack.

However, his half-clone Superboy, DOES have a form of telekinesis in place of super strength, durability, and heat vision.

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H'el displayed telekinesis and both him and lex told kal that maybe he hadn't reached his full potential yet.

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He should.Since both Superboy and H'el have them.
It would be awesome if we saw him train them.

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@squalleon: it might be a latent kryptonian power,but superboy and H'El are different than the normal kryptonians.h'el was exposed to many different things in his travels in space,and superboy is part human,born under a yellow sun.

Oh having kon be the only one with TK makes him cool and unique,he can do anything they can do,but it all comes from his mind,so his mind is his power source and his weakness.

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He should, just so he could properly match up against Martian Manhunter in my opinion. Current arc for Superman is psi-war or something involving mind powers.. so maybe we'll see superman develop telekinesis sooner rather than later.

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